6 Best Technical Career Courses After Corona in India 2020

best technical career courses after Corona lockdown in 2020

All of us have suffered a lot due to Corona Virus pandemic both emotionally and financially. The entire economy has slumped and changed entirely during the lock down period and will take a very long time to recover.

Novel Corona virus which originated from Wuhan in China is a very lethal virus that has spread worldwide leading to countless deaths. Covid-19, the disease it causes leads to severe respiratory tract infections.

Post Corona lockdown, lakhs of people have lost their jobs, businesses and livelihoods. People are looking out for alternative career options.

People now are looking out for careers that are easy, need lesser investment and have a good future.


Which Careers/Businesses will survive post Corona?

There is a common belief among everyone that now post-Corona only shops and businesses that deal with essential goods and services will thrive. Vegetables, Milk, Eggs and ‘kirana’ are some of the essential goods which are considered essential. While in services sector repairs and maintenance of electrical and other electronics are essential services that are likely to hold on in this recession period.

The situation will be the same in both urban and rural areas. while metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Banglore, Chennai and Hyderabad and other bigger cities may see a faster recovery, but still due to mass migration of people back to their home towns will still have a negative effect.

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If we make a wrong decision in this crucial time, it may lead to failure and make matters worse. Along with correct decision, there should be a proper career plan to survive in this difficult phase.

While it is very difficult to get employed due to lack of vacancies, you can try some innovative options to get jobs and get employed in the post coronavirus period. So lets come to the most important question: Which are the best technical career courses or businesses to opt for after Corona Virus pandemic.

Best Technical Career Courses To JoinAfter Corona Virus Lockdown

1. Mobile Repairing Course

Mobile phone is an essential part of everyone’s life. Today no one can imagine a life without a smartphone. Its dependency is increasing more and more over the years.

mobile repairing

When a phone become faulty, nobody will either cancel or postpone repairing is as it is essential. So the future scope in mobile repairing industry is good. There are also many jobs in mobile repairing in different shops and service centres offering a good salary.  Mobile repairing is one of the few careers which is very easy to learn and earn quickly.

If you wish to learn mobile repairing, you can join Prizm Institute’s mobile repairing course in Mumbai and become a professional technician in just 3 months.

2. Electrician Course

Everyone needs the services of an electrician, when there is a power outage, a short circuit or when any of their electrical appliance stops working. An electrician course is a short duration course with good earning potential from future point of view.

Most of the electricians in India have learned the skills without joining any technical institute. But a formal certificate course or diploma is always recommended.

3. Plumbing Course

The income in plumbing has increased to a large extent due to a shortage of plumbers in most places. Many people can do minor electrical repairs themselves, but when it comes to plumbing, they immediately call plumbers to get their leakages fixed.

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You can learn plumbing either by joining an institute or by learning practically under a plumber himself. A career in plumbing is also future proof as we will need plumbing services all along.

4. AC and Refrigeration Course

There is a good income in AC and fridge repairs. People do not need these services frequently, but when they need, they have to spend a good amount to get these devices working again.

Air conditioning and refrigeration both are related and interconnected, so most technicians can repair both these appliances, but still prefer to opt any one of the two. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning is also a related career with bright future prospects.

There are many technical institutes offering this course. You can join at a good institute that offers extensive practical training to learn the required skills.

5. Washing Machine Repair Courses

Washing machine repair is also a very good profession. With fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines becoming more expensive, people prefer to repair them rather than replace. As these electrical appliances have become more delicate over the years, they need frequent repairs after 1-2 years of use.

A washing machine repair course of a few months along with a year of experience will make you a good technician to handle all types of repairs in this arena.

6. 2-Wheeler and 4- Wheeler Mechanic Courses

With people needing 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler repair services, the demand and scope for has increased over the years. 2-wheelers like motorcycles and 4-wheelers like cars and trucks need frequent repairs and hence mechanics of this field can make a good career. Mechanics can either start their own garage or work in authorized services centres.

These are some of the best short-term duration technical courses for students who are looking out for quick career options.

Key Takeaways

A course should be easy, future-proof and lead to employment. At the same time, it should match with our abilities and personality. Please let me know if you know about other good technical courses and options in the comments below.