Career Opportunities

In this modern age, cell phones have become a necessity for each and every person. As cell phones are electronic gadgets, they tend to become faulty over time. The ratio of technicians required to fix them is much lower than needed. Hence majority of professional cell phone repair technicians are earning a very good income.

After completing our training, a student can earn a decent income by any of the below mentioned ways

Work as a full time technician

You can work in authorized service centers of companies like Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Huawei, etc. You can also work in private mobile phone repair centers or mobile phone shops offering repair services.

Start your own practice

You can work from home and start repair services in your area. It's a good choice if you are seeking self-employment. We have many examples of people successfully practicing from their home. They make a small workstation in a section of their home and work from there.

Practice or work extra time after work hours

Many people have learned mobile phone repair just to earn a passive income after work hours. These people start their own practice similar to the above mentioned but work-part time after returning from their work. In fact, there are some cases where the income through mobile phone repairs is more than their actual full time work income!

Start your own repair center

The best and the most profitable among all options is to start your own repair center. You do not need much investment to start your own repair businesses.

If you do not plan to work

In the last case, you can at least repair your own mobile phones and those of your family and friends and save their precious money! In fact many people join our training to fix their own handsets all by themselves.