Computer Hardware Repair Services in Mumbai, India

At Prizm Institute, we also repair all branded as well as assembled computers. We repair all types of basic as well as complex faults of computers like power on faults, frequent freezing, rebooting and all other minor and major problems. We also undertake chip-level motherboard repairs including reworking on various chips when needed.

We offer a professional and quick service to ensure that your computer gets repaired as soon as possible and without any hassles.

Our services include repairing of the below mentioned problems:

  • Replacing or upgrading of various parts
  • Installing of operating systems
  • Virus and malware removal
  • Assembling of new computers
  • Repair of corrupt operating system
  • Fixing power on problems
  • Upgrading of RAM, HDD.
  • Many other basic as well as complicated problems.

We fix all brands of computers including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Compaq, Apple, etc. We also repair unbranded assembled computers. We have all the latest diagnostic tools and equipments to fix your faulty PCs.

We have experienced technicians who can easily fix any easy or complicated fault with ease. We even repair computers that have been deemed irreparable by other service centers or hardware engineers.