Best Mobile Repairing Course In Kurla

Prizm Institute conducts mobile hardware and software repairing course for students at its training center in Kurla. It is considered as the best mobile repairing institute in Kurla. Students from both Kurla East and Kurla West join Prizm Mobile Institute to learn mobile repairing in a proper way.

This course starts with the study of parts of a mobile phone and covers topics up to fault diagnosis. The training covers all types of mobile phones and smartphones including iPhones. The students will also be able to repair tablets after completing this course.

Prizm Institute – The most preferred choice for mobile repairing course in Kurla

As Prizm Institute is near to Kurla Station, students from nearby central and harbour line suburbs like Govandi, Chembur and Mankhurd also prefer to learn mobile and smartphone repairing here.

Prizm Institute believes in systematic and professional teaching such that the students get more practical training and are able to learn all the repair topics and methods easily without any problem. In addition to teaching them the theories behind mobile repair, we try to give more and more practical training to all the students so that they get great exposure and they can become expert technicians after completing their courses. In addition to theory and practical training, students are also given extra time to practice all the repairing techniques themselves to hone their skills.

Equal Importance to both Hardware and Software Repairing

Prizm Institute believes that both hardware and software training is a must for mobile technicians because both these types of faults are found in mobile phones. It covers both hardware and software repairing in depth unlike other mobile institutes which teach just the basics and do not cover some of the topics in-depth.

Why is Prizm Institute the best mobile repairing institute in Kurla?

Prizm Institute is the only mobile repairing institute in Kurla that provides training in a very systematic way. The course covers all the topics from basics to advanced in such a way that all the students learn the procedures easily. The trainers are experienced and teach with dedication giving personal attention to every student. We ensure that all the batches are of small size so that the students do not face any difficulty in learning and understanding. The syllabus is regularly updated to ensure that students are in sync with the latest in technology. The lab is well maintained with all the tools and machines needed to carry out repairs. After completing this course, all students are provided with certificates and technical help and support to assist them in their initial phases of career.

So, visit Prizm Institute today and get ready to enjoy a bright career in mobile handset repairing.

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