Special Mobile Software Repairing Course

Prizm Institute conducts mobile software repairing course for technicians who want to learn just the software part of mobile repairing. The course duration and timings are customized to suit these technicians and mobile shop owners.

This course was specially designed for technicians who know hardware repairing but are not able to do software repairing. Students from all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane and other states of India join at Prizm Institute to get the best training in software repairing.

Many technicians learned just hardware and did not get the time to learn software repairing. They give their customer’s mobile phones to bigger repair centers or other technicians for flashing, unlocking and other software related faults. They can repair these faults themselves after getting proper guidance and training at Prizm Institute.

Software Flashing and Unlocking Is Easy To Learn

If you see the latest trends, the hardware part is becoming difficult day by day while software is becoming easy. Chip-level repairing is not being performed to the level that was done in earlier years due to unavailability of ICs and many other reasons.

For software repair, you do not have to even open up your phone, and you earn handsome money just after a few clicks. Why give your phone to other big mobile shops for software when you can learn flashing and unlocking and do it yourself at your own shop. Many customers want their handsets to be repaired very fast and do not want it the next day which happens in most cases if you get the software part done at other shops. This leads to a loss of many customers and also your monthly earnings.

Topics included in our mobile software repairing course are:

  • Study of various faults arising due to corrupt software
  • Introduction of various software and flasher boxes
  • Flashing methods of various brands of handsets.
  • Removing virus from infected phones.
  • Unlocking of handsets through codes and/or software.
  • Use of various secret codes.
  • Various software repairing tips and tricks
  • Software troubleshooting methods

The course will cover all major brands of mobile phones like Apple iPhone, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Blackberry, LG, etc. It will also cover major Chinese and Indian smartphone and tablet brands like MI, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo, Micromax, Karbonn, Lava, Xolo, etc.

After completing this software training, the student should be able to perform flashing, updating, formatting, unlocking and other software diagnoses of all the major smartphone brands mentioned above.

Salient features of our mobile software repairing course are:

  • Most extensive and detailed syllabus
  • Training by experienced trainers
  • Professional software repairing techniques will be taught
  • Flashing softwares will be provided for free.
  • A certificate will be issued after completing the course
  • Free technical help and support after course completion
Who should join?

This course is preferable for technicians who know only hardware and want to learn or upgrade their skills in software. People who want to learn how to perform various software techniques as a hobby or passion can also join.


Basic computer and internet knowledge is required.

Language of instruction:

Hindi and English languages


30 to 45 days (Depends on student's speed of learning)

If you wish to learn both hardware and software repairing, you are most welcome to join the complete course as well.

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