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Are you interested in writing about interesting topics for a blog? Then this is definitely the right place for you! We are looking for guest bloggers who can write about technology, smartphones, gadgets or any other related niches. If you can write quality content while engaging the audience, then we would love it if you could blog for us.

Bloggers, students, content marketers, and people with SEO skills are all welcome to write and contribute to our blog on topics that will bring value to our readers and visitors. This blog is the perfect platform for contributors, no matter what their reason for blogging is; be it backlinks, exposure or passion.

We maintain this blog to help our visitors and students keep abreast with tips, tricks and the latest technology used in gadgets or cell phones. This is the perfect opportunity for budding writers like you!

Why you should write for us

You must be wondering why you should guest post on our blog. Check out the following reasons that you can’t say no to.


We'll be providing a small section at the end of every blog post that talks about the guest author who wrote the post. Here you can give a short description of yourself along with links to social media and/or your own personal blog or website. This will help you gain more recognition and create a strong online presence.

Educate others

This blog proves to be a means of helping people who wish to learn about the latest technology and gadgets. It is also a way to help technicians and do-it-yourselfers who can’t otherwise learn the art of repairing gadgets like cell phones, tablets, laptops and computers themselves. You will get a chance to share your knowledge with the world and help such people. You can also help the buyers by telling them which products are superior and accordingly review them while sharing your opinion.

Speak to a larger audience

Our blog gets hundreds of daily visitors from all over the world looking for cell phone repair tricks or advice on buying some or the other form of technology. If you choose to write for us, you will be able to communicate with these people and share your opinions with them about the industry and various other technological topics. Since we will be promoting all our content on social media and using your article for our newsletter as well, you will get to communicate with a significant number of readers.


Of course, we don't intend our contributors to work solely for the sake of recognition. If you wish to get paid for the articles, please email us your resume along with a few of your previous articles (published or otherwise) and your expected pay per article. Your articles will be reviewed by our team to check for their uniqueness and usefulness. If we determine that your articles can bring value to our readers and the blog, we will hire you and pay you appropriately for your efforts.

Flexibility of deadlines

When you are a guest blogger for us, you won’t need to abide by strict deadlines or submit a definite number of articles every week. This will give you lots of free time to work on your projects. However, look at it this way, faster the speed of your submissions, more the amount of money that you can earn.

High-Quality backlinks

While blogging for us, you are allowed to link out to your own website in the article provided that it is a relevant link. Since our website is one with high authority, this will give you high-quality backlinks and improve your ranking on search engines.


Like any other website, we have our own standards to keep up. Here are a few guidelines to help you write for us and increase the chances for your article getting accepted by us.

Length of the article

Every article should be at least 800 words in length. You can write much more but make sure you are not being repetitive or boring.


The article should not resemble other articles previously posted on the blog and should be unique on its own.

Plagiarism free

We take plagiarism very seriously and we will perform tests on every submission. So, ensure that all your articles are 100% original and not copied from somewhere.


We like all our content to be written with no grammatical errors. Please proofread all your articles for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting.

Meaningful content

We want our readers to feel like they learned something new every time they go through our blog posts. Hence, you must ensure that the content you post does just that. Also, check for any factual errors before posting.

Search Engine Optimization

Although this is not necessary, it would improve the chances of your article getting selected. If you want, while submitting, you can send the meta description, target keyword, and the desired URL as well.

Topics to write about

Though we encourage you to be creative, please make sure that the topics are broadly related to the following ones

  • Smartphones
  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Gadgets
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Electronics
  • Repairs

How to submit

We prefer all our submissions to be in the format of Microsoft Word documents. So, please convert your article to this format before submitting it. Apply the necessary formatting for headings and links as well. If you would like any pictures in the blog post, feel free to put them in. However, make sure that they aren’t bound by copyright. Once you have proofread the article, email it to us at submit@prizminstitute.com Please send the article with a short bio, and any social media links or your own website links that you might want to put in the ‘author’ section. Further communication will be done by email only.

Approval process

Once you submit your article, we will check the quality of the content first. If the idea of the article and the overall post is up to our standards, we will then proceed to see if they meet our guidelines are not. If you do not meet the guidelines, we will send back the articles asking you to edit again after pointing out where you have made mistakes. This will be done till the article is perfect for us and we will post it on our website. You will be notified by email with a link to your article.

Bloggers from anywhere in Mumbai, India or the world can write and contribute to our blog.

We look forward to your article submissions. If you have any other doubts, please feel free to ask them by using the contact form.