How Long Should You Use Your Smartphone? When Is It Time To Upgrade?

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Smartphones today serve so many functions for personal and business needs. This has made difficult for us to go a day without our phone. Sometimes, this dependence can be an issue since technology moves so fast that it can be hard to keep up with new systems and devices.

Once your smartphone starts getting obsolete, it will work slower and applications will start to crash, the software updates will not be available and sometimes, you might not be able to download certain applications. So the question becomes, how long should one use their new smartphone before it is time to change?

The question is highly important because buying a new smartphone can be pricey and can be overwhelming to learn that when you have upgraded to a new model, a better version is about to release. However, if you are the person to own the latest models, you can always go for easy installment methods to ease the financial burden. This can help owning phones at regular intervals. But just because you can doesn’t mean you have to.

Distinguishing Between Your Smartphone Wants & Needs

It is important for you to analyze what exactly you need in a smartphone before upgrading to a new model. Even though technology changes by the minute, if you compare a smartphone with just the previous model, there will not be any major changes. The changes are usually in the aesthetics like font sizes and styles, along with overall size, color, and features of the phone. The quality of pictures and security pictures get a little improvement.

If your current phone be it an iPhone or an Android is satisfying your needs, there is no reason for you to shell out money to buy a new model. And if you are the kind of person who uses the phone for basic needs like making notes, taking pictures, calling and texting, surfing the net and occasional gaming, your new smartphone can be used for years.

Every year, new technologies are introduced in smartphones some of which can make our work more easier while some features are a bounty which we simply cannot resist.

You should also know the things you need to check before buying a new smartphone. Before deciding on upgrading your phone, its always better to consider the pros and cons first.

Advantages of moving to a new smartphone

  • Latest specifications
  • Latest Technology
  • Fast processing power
  • More features

Disadvantages of moving to a new smartphone

  • Pinches your pocket
  • Data transfer to the new handset is a tedious job
  • You need to install all your favorite apps and games again.
  • Getting used to the new handset becomes difficult if you are a busy person and do not have enough free time.

However, it doesn’t matter if you use your phone for basic needs or not, there will be a point where your phone will no longer be on that shiny display and it will not be so “smart” for the world. That may be okay with you but the issue comes when you are not able to download software updates or new applications.

Even the accessories for your phone will be hard to come by. Whether you are using your phone for business purposes or personal reasons, there will be a time when you will have to upgrade more often so that you are up to date with your operating system and everything is running smoothly.

As with all gadgets, there is a life span of a smartphone as well after which it becomes either obsolete or very difficult to use. You should know exactly for how long a smartphone can really last.

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The Important Question – When Should We Upgrade To A New Smartphone?

  • Every 6 Months?
  • Every Year?
  • Every 2 Years?
  • Every 3 Years Or More
  • Only When Your Old Phone Stops Working!

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Having a new technology in hand is refreshing but it can be pricey as well. The best way to stay up to date with the new mobile technology is to upgrade it on an average of 2-3 years.

However, whenever you upgrade to a new model, do not forget to recycle the old phone. The environment is just as important as our smartphones and even more!


If you are a person who wants to keep himself up-to-date with latest trend and technology and if you have the money, you can buy a new smartphone every year. While if you do not want to spend money often, you can use them longer. Most smartphones get outdated in 2-3 years so its better to not stretch them more than that.

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