10 Best Career Oriented Certificate Courses after 10th and 12th in India

career oriented certificate courses for students in India after 10th and 12th standards

Malcolm X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” However, staggering school and college dropout rates indicate a divergent mindset – one that does not believe that secondary and higher education are the only criteria for achieving success in life.


Many students do not want to study further and opt for a technical or vocational career after completing 10th or 12th std. They look out for the best career oriented certificate courses to make up their career.


These nonconformist young minds deem skill enhancement and ‘on the job’ training as surer means of accomplishing greater heights in life as opposed to investing their precious time in amassing theoretical academic knowledge that is typical of school and college education.


In a study by UNESCO in 2016, it was reported that a whopping 47 million Indian youth of school and college-going age discontinued formal education by the time they reached the 10th standard. In another startling finding, data from the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) revealed that contrary to popular belief, factors such as financial constraints and family responsibilities alone do not catalyze a high dropout rate.


A growing number of youngsters both in India and worldwide are choosing to opt out after 10th or 12th std or do not attend school at all simply because they do not consider education as a ‘necessity’ or look upon it as a golden ticket to a lucrative and rewarding career ahead.


There are plenty of career oriented certificate courses for students after 10th and 12th standards in India. So how do you decide which career option is best suited for you? Let’s find out.


Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a Career for Yourself

Choosing a career path is one of the most important and life-changing decisions that you will ever make in your life. Once you discern a specific career for yourself, more often than not, it will persist with you for the rest of your life as changing careers midway is not only challenging but also unfeasible at times. Hence, careful consideration of your career path is important as it is highly unlikely that each and every profession will complement your unique skills, interest or temperament.


“Follow your passion, the money will follow. Do what you love, and the money will follow. Most people don’t believe it, but it’s true.”

– Oprah Winfrey.


While charting your career path, you must never lose sight of your passion for the sake of monetary and other practical benefits. Even if it means that you won’t end up making a fortune, you will find happiness in giving your best efforts to every endeavour of yours, which, in turn, will earn you success and emotional gratification in the long run.


opportunities dont happen, you have to create them


Before you zero in on a particular occupation, you should take out time to introspect about the factors that matter most for choosing a good career course for yourself.


Check the following factors to determine your suitability and aptitude for a career:

  1. Does the profession interest you and excite you enough to consider it as a long-term career option? Do you think that you would enjoy doing it for a considerable period of time? Does it fit in with your innate passions and allow you to engage with what you find interesting or is it more of a practical decision without any consideration for your talents and inner happiness?
  2. What is the future employment scope in your preferred field? Is it a growing sector or is it a stagnant domain? If it is growing, what has been the industry growth rate in the last few years?
  3. Does your chosen industry offer you ample job opportunities.  Are there enough vacancies for candidates in your city or do you have to relocate outside your hometown or country for better career prospects?
  4. Are you physically and mentally attuned to the requirements of your dream career? Do you think that you have the right attitude to overcome the stress associated with your chosen profession and still deliver exemplary performance consistently? Are you adequately endowed with the required skills that are desirable in the profession of your liking? If you lack any specific skill, can it be acquired via on the job training and specialized courses or should it be intrinsic to your core nature?


Finding time to ponder the above is necessary if you want to choose your career wisely – one that is fulfilling enough to be sustained and enjoyed for a long time without being relegated to a monotonous and meaningless ‘to-do’ with each passing year!


Students have many options to chose a suitable career

To give a strong foundation to the career path of your choice, you must opt for a professional career-oriented course to compensate your lack of formal education with the necessary skills, industry insights and technical know-how that are elementary for excelling in your selected occupation.


Rather than focusing only on theoretical knowledge, such career-propelling courses emphasize practical learning to provide you with a real-world exposure to niche industry requirements and simultaneously sharpen your ability to apply your reasoning power to achieve the desired results. There are plenty of such career courses in India which you can join after SSC and HSC i.e 10th and 12th standards.


Success doesn't come to you You have to go and get it.


Moreover, majority of these skill enhancement courses do not make it mandatory for candidates to complete their secondary and higher secondary education before applying for them, which makes them apt for students who do not have the inclination to pursue their studies any further.


“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

– Albert Einstein.


To alleviate your dilemma of discerning a suitable job-oriented course that can give wings to your entrepreneurial dreams, we have compiled the below list of best possible career-oriented certificate courses that can help you future-proof your career in an informed manner.


Ideal Job Oriented Courses after 10th and 12th standards


1. Mobile Repairing Course

With the ever-evolving and literally ‘indispensable’ smartphones showing no signs of any immediate popularity wane, the demand for feature-rich mobile phones is constantly on the rise and so is the need for mobile phone repair technicians who are adept in the art and science of diagnosing and fixing faults associated with handsets of different makes and models.


The future too looks promising for the mobile phone repair industry with predictions of its revenue growing at an average rate of 4.9% annually. There are plenty of jobs for mobile repairing technicians and hence the unemployment rate of such technicians is very low.


Mobile repairing is one of the hottest career options for students who do not want to study.


Thus, if you are a self-proclaimed gadget geek who seeks pleasure in laying his/her hands on the latest cell phone models hitting the shelves or one who loves to dissemble his/her handset on the slightest pretext in order to satiate his/her hidden urge to thoroughly inspect their phone’s various electronic parts and have a detailed understanding of how the internal components function in tandem, then a career in mobile repairing can be a lucrative and a win-win option for you to earn handsomely while following your passion.


A reputed technical training institute such as Prizm Institute offers a comprehensive, affordable and best mobile repairing course in India that covers both the fundamentals as well as advanced level techniques of mobile repairing and also provides free technical support, career guidance and job assistance to its students after course completion.


Suitable for both school/college students who are looking for a profitable career option and for businessmen who are aspiring for an additional source of income, this short-term course offers all-round flexibility with respect to its eligibility criteria, class schedules, batch duration, payment of course fees and the language of instruction (English or Hindi). Prizm Institute, based in Mumbai also offers mobile repairing course in Hindi as the medium of instruction.


Students can join mobile repairing course after completing their 10th and 12th standards in formal education.


2. Data Recovery Course

The high-tech and challenging field of data recovery entails reduction of operational downtime through fast and adequate recovery of crucial data and files from multifarious storage devices, mail systems and backup formats in the event of data getting corrupted or data being lost due to disasters, hard drive crashes etc.

The scope for data recovery specialists have made this field extremely popular among students.

Considering that loss of important business data can lead to grave consequences such as disruption of critical business operations, massive financial losses, bankruptcy, shut down and/or a dent in a company’s reputation and goodwill, organizations these days are more focused and serious about ensuring that adequate data backup and retrieval processes are in place.


If you have a fascination for computers, network, hardware, software etc. and love to explore technical nitty-grtties, then you can consider a career in this high-paying field to earn a living while pursuing your passion and interest. As data recovery is a specialized domain, you must undergo a professional certification to kick-start your career as a data recovery specialist with leading organizations, IT firms, healthcare centres, MNCs etc.


You can start your own data recovery business as well and earn huge profits as customers needing these services are willing to shell out whatever you demand to get their crucial data retrieved.


3. Graphics Designing Course (DTP)

A career in graphics designing gives one unlimited scope to unleash their creativity to the fullest. Hence, this career path is best suited for imaginative people who love to draw and sketch, can think out of the box, have great sense of design aesthetics and can come up with innovative design themes.


A certification in this graphic designing also known as desktop publishing (DTP) will help you gather key design and technical skills that can set the foundation for a successful career ahead while an internship will allow you to gain experience and form new contacts that can be instrumental in your job search.


As a certified graphic designer, you can expect multifarious roles across leading businesses and organizations, media houses, design studios, advertising agencies, film production companies, television channels, publishing companies and other creative firms.


4. Laptop Repairing Course

Take your passion for the electronic gadgets to the next level by topping your certification in mobile phone troubleshooting with a professional course in laptop repairing. A booming sector with unlimited opportunities and sound earning potential, a certification in laptop repairing can endow you with chip-level repairing intricacies of popular laptop and notebook models that have a huge demand in the market.


A career in laptop repair is equally rewarding and suitable for students who want to opt for a career in repairs.


Apart from learning how to assemble and disassemble best-selling laptop models of renowned brands, you will also learn how to fix day-to-day laptop-specific issues such as repairing the motherboard, servicing faulty hinges, installing OS, software and drivers, upgrading RAM, HDD and processor, replacing LCDs and battery, etc. After completion of your course, you can expect to be employed in one of the several service centers of reputed brands or choose to be self-employed by establishing your own laptop repairing service.


5. Electrician Courses

Considering that our daily life revolves around a plethora of utilitarian home appliances and electronic devices/equipment that are powered by electricity, the importance of an electrician becomes evident whenever we are faced with sudden electrical anomalies such as malfunctioning electrical networks, control systems, circuits, components, appliances, equipment, lifts etc. that demand the expert intervention of a trained and certified electrician for restoring them to their former working conditions in a safe and swift manner.


Trained electricians are in high demand as we are relying on electricity in a number of ways.


Every household, business or factory seeks the services of a skilled electrician during common events such as installation of electrical switchboards, establishing connection between electrical systems and power supply, repairing and replacing of faulty wiring, fixtures, electrical equipment etc., hence, pursuing a career as an electrician is a good option for school and college students or dropouts who do not mind undertaking travel to rectify the electrical problems occurring at remote locations and who desire a job that provides them with regular work and an opportunity to magnify their income as they gain experience.


6. Computer Hardware and Networking Course

Pursuing a course in computer hardware and networking can help SSC and HSC students as well as graduates make it big in the arena of computer repairing – a growing field that is teeming with opportunities and boasts an ever-growing scope.


With factors like a booming IT sector and rise in digitization and Internet penetration leading to an increased adoption of laptops and desktops at home and at work, there is a recurring need for the periodic maintenance of these devices and troubleshooting of their everyday faults, which makes this field a wise career choice for job seekers.


The scope in hardware and networking sector has increased widely in the last 10 years.


Enrolling in a computer hardware and networking course can help students broaden their know-how of different hardware components and network devices such as the monitor, printer, keyboard, mouse, chips, RAM, motherboard, hard drive, graphic card, router, modem, switch etc. while teaching them the basics of computer networking.


The fact that a technical background is not a prerequisite to make a career in computer hardware and networking makes it one of the best possible short-term courses that are tailored to suit the distinct needs of school and college students.


7. Auto Mechanic

Another profitable career option that befits students who have dropped out of studies early is the job role of an auto mechanic. An auto mechanic is a qualified professional who is well-versed with the intricacies of maintaining and modifying automobiles and their various parts. At times, other than servicing cars of different brands and providing their repair estimates, such skilled mechanics are also trained on the diagnostic and repair techniques pertaining to small and light trucks.


Working as a car mechanic is hot option. You can start your own business or work for an auto repair shop.


A specialization in this domain will empower candidates with non-negotiable mechanical skills, tools, technology and diagnostic software that are required to accomplish their job successfully. Because automotive mechanics is a niche and evolving domain, a certification in this field is strongly preferred and can be the primary gateway to a world of opportunities for both bright and academically weak students who can make a career for themselves by reconditioning engines, fixing braking/steering/suspension systems, repairing and restoring motor vehicles post collision, painting/refinishing cars and undertaking other relevant activities in auto repair garages or at their own service centres.


8. Driver

Since decades now, the role of a driver has been much in demand owing to the fact that he or she fulfills one of the most basic requirements of mankind, i.e., helping people move from one place to another by transporting them in private and public conveyance such as cars, buses, trams, taxis etc.


Driving is an exciting and stress-free career option with high demand and good pay scales.


While a driver’s salary was nothing substantial to merit a mention in the last few decades, the recent advent of revolutionary app-driven, cab aggregation services like OLA and Uber have altered the scene significantly with both OLA and Uber drivers earning more as opposed to their conventional yellow and black-and-yellow cab counterparts. Thus, this is the right time for job seekers to venture into this lucrative sector and exploit the benefits that are on offer in this flourishing space.


Because safety of passengers/pedestrians and adherence to traffic rules and regulations are of paramount importance in this job role, hence, it is desirable that you enroll in a professional driving course to learn and increase your know-how of safe driving techniques and simultaneously earn a driving license in order to be able to operate private and public motor vehicles in a dexterous manner through the busy and challenging urban streets of today.


9. Stock Market Training

If high-risk and high-stress environments excite you, if you have a knack for the Sensex and Nifty and if you take pride in your ability to follow and predict market trends passionately and accurately, then a career in the dynamic and competitive arena of stock market can be a viable option for you to make quick and considerable amount of money.


If you have passion in share market, the discipline offers you lucrative employment and business opportunities.


As a stock market trader, Equity/Commodity dealer or a broker, your role will require you to deal with stock in its various capacities as you work with individual clients, brokerage/asset management firms, investment companies, retirement funds and other financial institutions. Proper licences and a professional certification are essential in this field and so are agile thinking and strong interpersonal, analytical and communication skills.


While a career in stock market can be extremely rewarding as it has the potential to earn your eye-popping returns, yet it is a tricky domain owing to its unpredictable and fluctuating nature. Hence, even though steering your career in this field is a profitable option if you are looking for avenues to make extra money, relying upon it as a primary source of income can be dangerous and warrants caution.


However its better to make it an option for secondary income rather than primary income due to unpredictable nature of stock markets and the risks involved.


10. Hairdressing Course

Are you a fashion-conscious person who is always updated with the latest hair styling trends and has a way with scissors and grooming aesthetics? Then, you just found your calling as a hair dresser or a barber! With increasing popularity of the salon business and heightened awareness and craze amongst the contemporary urban populace about the need to keep themselves well-groomed and well-styled at all times, hairdressing is fast becoming one of the most sought after career choices for school-leavers and undergraduates.


You can either choose between the role of a relatively less-skilled barber whose primary job is to cut hair and trim beards or you can choose to get yourself certified as a skilled hair dresser who has mastered the art of cutting and styling hair of miscellaneous length and texture in a fashionable manner and in a way that suits the contour of one’s face.


Becoming a hair dresser is more profitable for you as opposed to a barber as not only will you be styling and treating the precious locks of your regular clientele but with time, skills and experience, you can look forward to increasing your portfolio of high-profile clients who don’t mind shelling out a bomb to look and feel their best with the hottest and trendiest haircuts and hair treatments doing the rounds!


Of course, long hours are a given in this profession, more so when your fame grows; however, the joy of styling your clients’ hair to their satisfaction and the incentives that come along with the hectic schedules make this profession totally worth your time and hard work.



As evident from the above, lack of education does not necessarily hinder one’s chances of attaining growth and success in life, provided one is willing to explore and seek advantage of the various career options that are available to school and college students. The above is just a glimpse into the limitless job opportunities that  are on offer as prospects can also steer their careers in many other sectors and business segments such as call centres, departmental stores, beauty and fashion industry, logistics, restaurants etc.


If you too are a budding entrepreneur who is inspired by the success stories of famous college dropouts such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and the likes and is keen to enter the job market without completing your studies, then it is essential that you decide on a career path first and upskill yourself accordingly to give your professional career a flying start, with or without the sound backing of education.


Considering that technology and industry trends are constantly changing, it is crucial that job seekers keep themselves abreast of the current happenings in both the aspects if they want to succeed in their chosen professions.


Lastly, impeccable customer service is a must and so are traits such as hard work, dedication, sincerity and a positive attitude.  Leveraging these skills and traits along with the competitive edge of a professional certification can help one to extract the best out of his/her desired career – both in terms of monetary compensation and with respect to job satisfaction.