What is The Best Career Option for School and College Dropouts


While conventional societal norm dictates that students should complete their education before embarking on their professional journeys, yet there are quite a few who choose to defy this age-old practice and look out for a job instead, either due to their unmistakable passion for sports, adventure or other extracurricular activities which far surpasses their interest in studies or because they are unable to pursue their education further due to financial difficulties. This, in no way, implies that their future is doomed forever. Gone are the days when lack of higher education was equivalent to settling for jobs that did nothing for one’s personal satisfaction, skill or remuneration.


With a variety of employment avenues opening up in the job market today, anyone including school and college dropouts can look forward to many unconventional but fast-growing job options. There are many government organisations and schemes for skill development as well to assist students who could not make it big academically.


What is The Best Career Option for School and College Dropouts and for Those Students Who Do Not Want To Study More?

Cell phone repair is among the hottest career option for those who do not want to study more academically. Stellar academic credentials are not mandatory for making a career in this field as one can easily make an entry into this growing space with basic computer operating skills, provided one has the interest and the zeal to make up for his or her lack of degree by acquiring the necessary skills with the help of a simplified course curriculum that can be mastered in a short span of 3 months. A career in cell phone repair holds immense earning potential with more than one billion people using smartphones worldwide and almost two-thirds of the world’s population boasting a mobile phone today.


Another advantage of opting for this uncommon specialization is that you can also launch your business in the form of an in-house mobile phone repair shop with bare minimal investment – a possibility that is not always feasible in other industries or domains. Lastly, cell phone repair is a relatively easy course that can be pursued by all, irrespective of whether they are meritorious or academically mediocre students. The cell phone repair domain is mostly ruled by school and college dropouts all over the world.

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The Ever-Growing Popularity of Smartphones

Though the influence of the purposeful cell phone can be traced back to 1983 when it was first launched and grabbed eyeballs for its ability to connect people without the need for wires or portable phone holders, it was not until the advent of the mobile phone in the late 90s and the popularisation of the iPhone in 2007 that the dynamics of the mobile industry changed forever. With countless devices becoming obsolete ever since the inception and evolution of these mini computers and more and more innovative functionalities being added to the constantly developing smartphones, these technologically superior and intelligent devices are no longer a luxury today but more of a necessity as they bring the world to our fingertips and make our daily lives much more comfortable and seamless. This has lead to an increased demand for these electronic gadgets across the globe.


According to a report by the global research and consulting form, Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Smartphone Strategies (WSS) services, it is estimated that 44% of the world population will own smartphones in 2017 and the penetration rate will further rise to 59% by 2022. Having crossed the staggering 1 billion mark in 2012, the global smartphone user base is expected to exceed 2.87 billion in 2020.


Rising Demand for Cell Phone Repair Technicians

Needless to say, as the supply of cell phones continues to amplify, the need for cell phone repair technicians will also magnify manifold. One of the key reasons that have contributed to the growth of the cell phone repair industry is that unlike the erstwhile basic mobile phones that came cheap, the sophisticated smartphones of today are not easy on the pocket always. While it is true that there are many budget-friendly models that exist in the mobile phone market, yet one cannot overlook the fact that the average cost of a smartphone exceeds that of the cost to repair it in most of the cases. Ifixit has compiled the repairability score for most smartphones where you can find how easy or difficult a model is to repair.


Discarding handsets quickly is no longer an economically viable option and one would be wise to have them repaired before deciding to splurge upon yet another pocket-pinching model. This is where a career in cell phone repair can become a lucrative proposition for you, especially if you consider yourself to be a self-proclaimed techno geek who loves exploring and experimenting with the technical intricacies of these pocket-friendly devices. You can also start your own mobile repairing business and earn handsomely like other business owners in this field.


Cell phone repair technicians can repair other electronic gadgets and devices as well because the basic concept of repairing all electronic devices is the same.


Cell Phone Repair – A Career with Immense Potential and Unimaginable Growth Opportunities

With more than 100 million cell phones manufactured in India in 2015 and several new mobile manufacturing plants being set up in the country, the future looks bright for India’s mobile phone industry with a forecast of 500 million units to be manufactured in the years to come. Needless to say, this will boost the need for trained and skilled technicians who have the ability to restore faulty mobile phones to their normal working conditions, particularly those that are no longer covered under warranty.

career option for dropouts

A career in mobile repairing not only suits those who look upon it as a primary source of employment but also befits professionals who envision it as a means to earn additional income. Considering that mobile phone servicing is an offbeat career choice with niche skill set requirements, one’s chances to become successful in this field are higher as compared to other mainstream career options that are riddled with stiff competition. According to our experience, people who are not academically good are more successful technicians than others.


The fact that one does not need to have prior work experience or a technical background to start a career in this domain, makes cell phone repair the right career choice for high school and college dropouts and those who do not want to continue their studies anymore. There are plenty of university graduates as wellwho have chosen cell phone repair as a career.


Make Yourself Industry Ready with a Professional Cell Phone Repair Course

Before one decides to venture into this seemingly unusual field, one must make themselves industry ready by enrolling for a professional cell phone repair training that empowers them with the basics of handset servicing, enhances their know-how of hardware and software repairs and also augments their awareness of the commercial aspects of this industry.


As it goes with any other technology-driven field, the mobile phone industry is a highly dynamic space that witnesses fast-changing technology which has resulted in handsets becoming obsolete faster. Hence, it is important to discern a course that not only teaches you the underlying principles of mobile phone repairing but also trains you in a scientific manner so that you are able to top up your theoretical concepts with sound reasoning skills to fix various types of technical faults in a professional and competent manner.


If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

– Milton Berle


Technical institutes in India such as Prizm Institute offer students a unique opportunity to enrol for short-term skill enhancement courses like the advanced mobile repairing course conducted at its training center in Mumbai that blends theoretical training with exhaustive practical exposure and gives you a competitive edge over others by exposing you to the repair techniques of major mobile phone brands, including Chinese phones, that are much sought after by the present day consumers.


The ingenious course curriculum covers the entire spectrum of cell phone repair and touches upon topics as basic as understanding of electronics and usage of industry-specific tools & equipment and concepts as complex as jumpering techniques & diagnosing and advanced troubleshooting of faults. Apart from career enthusiasts, the novel course can also be pursued by students who want to learn more about cell phone repairs as a hobby or interest. There are plenty of benifits and advantages of choosing mobile repairing as a career option.


Post training completion, one becomes adept in repairing both GSM and CDMA smartphones and iphones. One can either seek a job as a mobile repairing technician or seek the business route. As smartphones have the same structure as tablets and iPads, these technicians can also easily repair electronic tablets and iPads.


Experienced faculty, comprehensive training material, job assistance and expert guidance in matters pertaining to the launch of your own cell phone repair business or the initiation of a career as a cell phone repair technician are few of the other USPs that are part and parcel of this career oriented programme.


There are many other optional part time technicial courses for students who are seeking a career other than the conventional ones. Most of these are of short duration and hence anyone completing these courses can quickly start working after completing them.



Whether you are a seasoned professional who is considering a successful mid-life career switch or a student who is eager to kick-start his or her career in the shortest time possible, a foray into mobile phone repairing can be a smart and a quick move to take a plunge into a field that is teeming with ‘yet to be fully explored’ opportunities that can be exploited to generate high income. You can work as a technician, start your own business or work from home and earn a decent income.


Many technicians also work part time repairing handsets after their work hours to generate extra income. Enrolling in a professional course is the first step to boost your employability with vital industry insights and key mobile phone repairing skills. With time and experience, you should be able to successfully establish yourself as a credible and a proficient mobile phone repair technician who boasts an expanding customer base with many repeat clients to his or her credit.


One can also opt for other career options if at all he is not interested in making a career in mobile phone repair. Please read some of the other career oriented certificate courses in India after 10th and 12th standards.


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