5 Best Short-Term Technical Vacation Courses For Students

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Most students waste their precious vacations in playing games like cricket, watching movies or by roaming around with friends. Playing for a few hours a day is okay but to waste an entire vacation without learning a skill or 2 is something which they will surely repent later. Students should therefore join some classes and learn skills which can be useful in their future lives.

Utilizing Your Vacations

Agreed that playing and enjoying is also important for children, but investing a portion of this time in something productive can help students mature as well as assist them in learning a new skill for a better future.

There are many productive things which students can learn in vacations. Some of other skills/courses can be swimming, electrical wiring, handwriting, graphics designing (DTP), computer programming, ethical hacking, etc.


Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action. 


While those students who do not have the time to attend classes can also opt for eLearning on various online platforms like coursera, udemy and skillshare. These websites have a plethora of skills-based courses for all types of people. Webind, an Indian startup also provides a good platform for students to learn various skills like digital marketing aka SEO, data analytics, Android and iOS app development, etc conducted directly by industry experts.


How about job-oriented career courses?

Prizm Institute is conducting various technical courses for students of 10th std. (SSC), 12th std. (HSC), diploma students as well as graduates. All of the courses conducted by Prizm Institute are career-oriented and students can make a good career with them if they are not continuing their education.

And of course, they can join these courses even if they want to continue their studies as all these courses are part time courses. Most of the students joining for our vacation courses are SSC and HSC passed students.


Some of the students are less lucky to have not even able to pass 10th standard and hence join in pursuit of a quick career. And there is a facility for fast track courses as well for those people who want to learn these skills in a shorter period.


career oriented courses for students in mumbai

Why Should Students Necessarily Join Vacation Courses?

Some of the best vacation courses are the ones which will help these students in their future careers as well. Even if a course, is not very helpful, it is bound to increase the knowledge and help in gaining more maturity.  So whatever options are available, students should make sure that they utilize all of their vacations by joining such vacation courses.


These courses are also preferable for those people who are interested in a technical field as these are somewhat sort of hobby-courses in electrical and electronic repairs. So people can join these courses even to pursue their hobby or passion for electronics.


Prizm Institute has a wide range of students coming from various parts of Mumbai like Byculla, Dadar, Ghatkopar, Kurla, Sion, Mulund, Thane, Dombivali, Kalyan, Chembur, Govandi, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Nerul, and Panvel. Students from western suburbs like Bandra, Andheri, Santacruz, Kandivali, Malad, Borivali, etc also come and learn here. People from other districts of Maharashtra and other states of India also join us to learn gadget repairs.


Which Are The Best Technical Courses In Vacations For Students In Mumbai?

1. Mobile Repairing Course

The mobile repairing course conducted at Prizm Institute, Mumbai will teach you all about mobile phone repairs and servicing. It will cover both mobile hardware as well as software repairs.

A person completing our mobile repairing course should be able to repair all types of faults like repairing dead phones, removing shorting from handsets, replacing charging ports and screens and all other minor and major problems.

In short, a student completing this training will learn to repair all types of basic phones, smartphones and iPhones after completing this course.

Students can either join our mobile repairing course to increase their knowledge about electronics or to make it their career.

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2. Tablet Repairing Course

The tablet repairing course conducted by Prizm Institute will teach you repairs and fixing of all types of electronic tablets. It will teach repairs of various types of tablet PCs and iPads. This course has recently been clubbed together with our mobile repairing course so you need not join for this course separately.


3. Laptop Repairing Course

Prizm Institute’s laptop repairing course will teach you all about laptop and notebook repairs. It is preferable for people already doing computer hardware repairs and want to start laptop repairs as an additional service. However novices with zero knowledge of laptop repairing can also join. The course will teach advanced chip level laptop motherboard repairs as well.


4. Computer Hardware and Networking Course

The computer hardware repair and networking course conducted at Prizm Institute will teach you to repair, maintain and troubleshoot all types of computers. This course will train you how to maintain and repair desktop PCs with ease. With this training, you will be able to troubleshoot and effectively solve almost all types of computer problems.

It will also teach you basic networking skills and how to troubleshoot network problems. You can also make a career in this field and become an independent earner. After completing this course you will get the designation of a computer hardware engineer and technician in companies as per India standards.


5. Basic Computer Operating

Basic computer operating training is provided by us only for students, who have enrolled in any of our above programs and do not know how to use and operate computers. This will help them to understand and operate computers and use internet in a better way and thus learn the software related topics of our courses in a better way.


Online Cell Phone Repair Training

The online cell phone repair training is conducted for students far away from us and cannot attend our classes due to distance or time constraints. This is a self-study or home-learning type of correspondence course in which students learn repairs and fixing of cell phones from the comfort of their home.


All of our training courses are conducted following the highest standards with the best facilities and instructors. We try to ensure that every student gets the maximum practical exposure which is a must in every technical field.


There are several other certificate courses in India after 10th and 12th for those students who want to take short-term courses and start their careers directly.


Facilities provided for the students:

  • Quality of training: The standard of training provided here is one of the best in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. Right from the equipments and tools and lab to the syllabus, we try our best to ensure that the entire training is a pleasant experience and fun for all the students.
  • Range of courses: Students have a wide range of courses to select from. Students interested in joining all the courses can also go forward as we will adjust their batch timings according to their schedule and convenience.
  • Teaching staff: Our teaching staff is trained and experienced as well as passionate about the topics they teach. This is really important for good bonding between students and teachers.
  • More emphasis on practical training: Unlike others, we at Prizm institute lay more emphasis on practicals which is the most important thing in every technical and vocational training. We only teach the theory topics that are necessary and important to understand. While we also provide printed notes to students so that they can read and understand the theory topics at home in their own free time.
  •  Job Assistance: We get vacancies from various service centers, companies and shops. We forward these jobs to students so that they get employed within months of completion of their training.

Conclusion – Which is the best vacation course for students?

All of our courses mentioned above are among the best and most in-demand among technical and vocational type of training with great scope and career prospects. Students can easily get employed and start earning the day they complete these courses.

So students should join the courses which suit their persona and their aims. In addition to the above mentioned courses, there are many other courses with which students can learn new skills and make good use of their vacations.