7 Ideal Courses For School and College Dropouts In India

ideal courses for school and college dropouts

India is increasingly growing as an ever-evolving population when compared to other nations. The yearly demographic revelation indicates the possibility of a large and growing labour force, which is expected to deliver productive spin-offs in terms of growth and prosperity through various economic fields.

People of the younger age group are considered to be the most productive class of human resources. Therefore, the sustainability of economic development within the country will depend on how the millennials of today are trained and utilized.


The Relevance of Education System             

Offering appropriate educational facilities to every citizen at the right time is the key to a good human resource foundation. But the issue of increasing dropouts has been constantly affecting the education system in developing countries like India. Building a strong base for children by providing good educational support creates the necessary condition to develop a literate society within the country. Inclusion of efficient academic organizations has become the need of the hour to encourage and elevate the education system.

According to RTE India, many children today opt out of schools and colleges due to one or more reasons and discontinuation of education has been a common phenomenon in every corner of the country.

Factors Stimulating Dropout Count

The number of high school and college students who do not complete their school and college education emerges as a significant challenge to the education system in India. There is a conventional norm in our country that each student has to complete his/her education before stepping into the professional world.


Out of 200 million children from the age of 6-14 years, 120 million are in school and only 10 million managed to reach Class X.” – A study by RTE India.


Public and private initiatives to encourage children to pursue education have resulted in higher enrollment ratios, however, the same has not been successful in the retention of students to the desired level of at least a graduation. Although with the implementation of ‘Right to Education’ (RTE), there has been a gradual decline in the annual average dropout rate, there are no significant changes in the rate of pupils who decide to leave their studies midway.

The academic environment created by educational institutes majorly contributes to this phenomenon of dropping out. Another determinant that increases the number of dropouts is the high student-teacher ratio in the Indian education system which is mostly the scenario witnessed in rural areas and most government aided schools and colleges.


Alternative Careers and Courses For Dropouts

There are various courses for students who have decided to discontinue their studies but are still looking out for a stable income or employment source. There are many part-time and full-time technical courses to aid these students through which they can earn a decent livelihood.

Following are some good technical and short-term courses in India that any school or college dropout can opt for and acquire a respectable job and status in the society without having any particular degree or accreditation. The fees of almost all these trade courses are very cheap and hence even people with financial constraints can opt for them.

Dropouts need to opt for skill based courses that require more of skill rather than educational expertise. There are plenty of career options for dropouts of which its for you to select the one that suits your ability, persona and interests.


Best Courses For School and College Dropouts In India


1. Mobile Repairing Course

With the ever-growing popularity of smartphones and increasing demand for electronic gadgets, there is a growing requirement for technicians and repairmen who can mend damaged phones and tablets. It is evident that as the supply and manufacture of smartphones are constantly increasing, the need for mobile repairing technicians will also increase simultaneously.

mobile repairing course by Prizm Institute, Mumbai


Students who have dropped out from schools or colleges can reach out to a mobile repairing institute in Mumbai like Prizm Institute that offers mobile repairing courses to learn the required skills and thus start their career in this field.

Mobile repairing course is one of the best short term career courses for students in India for those who drop out of school or college and are looking out for an alternative career option.


2. CCTV Installation Course

To enhance the career options of dropouts in society, there are numerous opportunities that give them a chance to earn their daily bread. CCTV installation is one such job that can be taken into consideration if a person does not have any particular educational backup.


CCTV installation course

As it does not require any pre-designed technical background, any diploma or certificate course in CCTV installation will pave way for an employment opportunity in this surveillance field. With the introduction of advanced security surveillance equipment, there is a massive requirement for technicians in India who are skilled at installing closed circuit security cameras.


3. Gym Trainer Courses

With increased health concerns caused by a rigorous lifestyle, people are getting more health-conscious and working towards achieving a healthy and enriched well-being. Whether it’s to shed those extra pounds or to maintain a balanced lifestyle, most people rely on well-equipped gyms and fitness centers to achieve their goal for that perfect body.


Gym trainer and personal fitness trainer courses

Students (with an affinity for fitness) facing the problem of unemployment due to lack of a required educational background, can undergo a training course in personal fitness so that they can earn a good livelihood by further guiding people to achieve the perks of fitness. They can then work in the capacity of a gym instructor or a personal fitness trainer in gyms and assist people in their goal of getting a fit or desired body.


4. Lab Technician (DMLT Course)

Being a lab technician requires eligibility of higher secondary education, through which students can easily take up DMLT and apply in any reputed clinic, pathology lab or hospital. Lab technicians are basically assistants to lab pathologists and they assist them with their experiments and investigations. There are various renowned institutes in India offering proper guidance and training (some of which also offer certificate courses) catering to the growing job opportunities for lab technicians across the nation.

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5. Computer Hardware & Networking Technician

Technology is growing at a tremendous pace and with a newer and better computer and laptop models being launched by companies across the globe, there is a huge increase in requirement of labour that is well versed with the technicality of each device. As a computer hardware technician, dropouts can figure out a stable and reliable source of income.


computer hardware and networking courses

Computer hardware course is mostly combined by networking which makes it a long term diploma that includes both, theoretical and practical teachings to enable students to sustain a reputed career in this field. The scope for hardware and networking engineers is very good in the near future.

With the advent of cloud technology, as all data centres are moving to cloud, the need and demand for cloud technology experts is also increasing day by day.  Learning networking along with computer hardware improves career prospects and growth potential.

Prizm Institute also conducts computer hardware and networking course to assist students to become professional computer hardware and networking professionals.

6. SEO or Digital Marketing Course

This IT based course has plenty of scope. With businesses moving online, there is a specific requirement for all businesses to rank their products and services in search engines to reach potential customers. All shops, businesses and companies need to have a website and an online strategy today to reach potential customers and sell their wares online along with the old offline marketing strategy.

Digital marketing which includes SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC is one of the most in-demand courses for people searching for good career options. You have to join the best SEO training course institutes to learn the required skills and become an expert in the field.


7. Electrician Course

This course, in particular, is preferred by most of the dropouts as it doesn’t require any educational background and one can easily learn the appropriate practices to become an electrician. But there are various institutes that train students to be a professional electrician by providing all the necessary practical knowledge required.


Electrician course in India

Auxiliary Courses – The Key to Better Employment

The number of school and college dropouts vary in different countries and sometimes massively within the regions of the same country. India is among those countries which are facing the problem of poverty, unemployment, and lack of primary education that also contributes to a constantly growing count of dropouts.

However, with the help of proper guidance and assistance via various technical courses, students can acquire a stable lifestyle to cultivate a reliable future for themselves.

Do you know of other hot courses suitable for dropouts? Do let us know in the comments below.