36 Catchy Cell Phone Repair Business Shop Names You Can Use

How to name a cell phone repair business

Whenever you are starting a new business, there are many things that you may need to consider. For example, in cell phone repair business, you will have to arrange for a spare part supplier, find a shop on ownership or rent, take care of advertising and many more tasks. But one of the the hardest and most important part is always coming up with a new identity i.e. name for your shop.


You may end up spending hours or even days at a stretch trying to figure this part out. We decided to make it easier for you and give you a few guidelines and options on how to name your cell phone repair business – a few shop names that will help you in the process.


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How to name your cell phone repair business?

Use your name(s)

If you are struggling with creativity, you can simply use your name with a few common words here and there. Take Ferrari for example; it was named after the founder Enzo Ferrari. If you are co-founding it with someone else, consider using all your names. For example, ‘Johnson and Johnson’ or “Pearson, Specter, Litt’.


If you are willing to leave a legacy behind you could choose to add the suffix ‘and sons/daughters’ like ‘P.N. Gadgil and Sons’ has done. As a last resort, you could add the type of business you are running along with your name like “John’s Mobile Phone Repair Shop”.


Make it easy to say

It is easy for someone to keep just about any name, but it is hard for that name to be catchy. One step to ensure that your name is catchy is to ensure that you have a name that just rolls off the tongue.


Everyone should be able to memorize it and say it easily. From a marketing perspective, this would make word of mouth advertising much easier. Similarly, make sure it is easy to type as well. This will prevent any misunderstanding that people might have because of the company name. Papa John’s is a classic example in this case.


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Keep it classy

This rule applies especially if you are trying to open a cell phone repair business. You cannot keep a name that others will be embarrassed to say. This will help a lot with the advertising as well.


Moreover, if you keep a modern, stylish name, then chances are that more customers will be attracted to your storefront or advertisement. However, you must ensure that the name matches the decor inside and that they aren’t polar opposites.


Let it be short

One huge advantage of the name being short is that you can use it more liberally for logos or printouts. Of course, the logo doesn’t need to be along with the name of the company. However, that would make your work with the logo a lot easier as well. It would also increase the versatility of your advertisements. Moreover, it would make your name a lot catchier too.


If you absolutely can’t think of a short name, try going for a stylish short form or abbreviation instead. Bavarian Motor Works or BMW is a great example for this. An important point is to ensure that if you choose to go with a longer name, the initials don’t form something embarrassing or awkward.


Keep it original

One of the hardest parts about coming up with a name for your company is the part of keeping it original. There are 7 billion other ideas out there and it is almost impossible to come with an original name that everyone likes as well.


Using your own name would help you get a bit of originality. But if you want, you could add a specific number in front of it as well. With that, you should now have infinite new ideas to use for the company.


If you aren’t feeling too creative, try the business name generator by Shopify. It will help you check for website domain name availability too. However, the simplest way to check is to always google the name you have in mind.


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Be simple

Sometimes people lose out on some great business names just because they were too focused on complicated or sophisticated names. Sometimes, all you need to do is explain your product or idea; you don’t need to follow any of the other tips but this one.


Take KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) or Pizza Hut for example. Their names describe exactly what they wanted to do and thus they ended up with a simple but memorable name. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you use your whole business aim as the business name.


Try Another Language

When you are running out of options, you can try using another language to spice things up. You don’t need to know the language, you just need to use google translate to come up with the company name which will make it sound like you did something very creative. Obviously, proper nouns won’t work for this tactic. Thus, we suggest you use abstract nouns or common nouns to be translated.


You can choose a variety of languages and see which one fits best. Consider this, if you were trying to open an electronics repair company, you could go for “Geni Technology” or “Genio Technology” where we are using the translations for the word “Genius”. However, you must ensure that the word doesn’t become too hard to say.


Use Wordplay

If you think you can use the English language quite fluently, then feel free to use some wordplay while naming your business. This can include puns or even using other languages here and there.


The above tip suggests you use different languages; you could choose to modify the translated word so people in your locality can say it easily.


The Indian word “Karma” was pronounced a bit differently to be adapted to the English language. You could also go down another road and use puns. For example, if you wanted to open a cafe specializing in tea, you could name it “Societea”.


The naming process can be quite stressful if you try alone. Taking help from a couple of friends can make it a lot easy.


It is important to remember that these are just a few guidelines. Follow them to come up with the perfect name for your cell phone repair company. If the business name is catchy, you are bound to attract more customers and thereby make more profit out of your mobile phone repair business.


Now let’s come back to some good name ideas for cell phone repair businesses.


36 Catchy Names for Your New Cell Phone Repair Shop or Business


Even after following all of those tips, it might be a bit hard to come up with your own names. That is why we have provided a few examples below, to help you think.

  1. A+ Wireless
  2. 5G Mobile Repairs
  3. GSM Doctors
  4. Mobilogist
  5. Repairology
  6. Mobi Care
  7. Mobile Guru
  8. Gadget Fix
  9. iFixFast
  10. Pro Mobile Repairs
  11. The Little Mobile Phone Clinic
  12. Hello America
  13. Tronic Techs
  14. Fast Fix
  15. Gizmo Geeks
  16. DrGizmo
  17. Sterling Repairs
  18. Phone Repair Champs
  19. Mobile Repair Ambulance
  20. Dr Mobile Repair
  21. Mobile Hospital
  22. Mobile Clinic
  23. Mobile Repair Plaza
  24. Mobile King
  25. Mobile Planet
  26. Alfa Telecom
  27. Phone Garage
  28. MobiGo
  29. Mobile Desh
  30. 30 Minutes Fix
  31. Mobile7
  32. Cell Care
  33. Mobile Dot Com
  34. SmartphoneFix
  35. Steller Repair
  36. Fast Track Repair


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We hope this list helps. This is just a small list of mobile repairing shop names some of which are probably already being used by some cell phone repair shops. If you want a unique and original name, it is important that you do not use the same exact names mentioned here. You can play around with them a bit though.


For example, you could modify “Cell Care” to “ABC’s Cell Care” or modify “Mobile King” to “Indian Mobile King”. A simple way to go about it is to attach your name or your country’s name along with the names in this list or a name that you have already thought of. This increases the chances of the name being more unique than before.


Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time around. You could always change your name later. Try brainstorming with your family and friends until you shortlist a few of them and then decide on the best one among them.


Create a business tagline/description

After you select a name, it is important to add a short tagline of a few words that describes and conveys the type of business you are doing. This is necessary if your business name doesn’t convey the type of services you offer. For example, if you have named your business “Alfa Wireless”, the name doesn’t convey the type of services you are providing. So, you can go with “Alfa Wireless – Smartphone Repair Specialists” to convey the type of business you are doing and, in turn, get more customers.


Some good business taglines are:

  • Gadget repair services
  • Phone and PC repairs
  • Smartphone repair center
  • Cell phone repair shop
  • iPhone and Smartphone Repair Service
  • Mobile phone repair guys
  • Phone & Laptop Repair
  • Phone & Electronics Repair Store


These additions will also help you be more creative with your business name.


You can also take help from Bust-A-Name which can help you a lot in the naming process.


We already have seen a lot of great names and descriptions of cell phone repair businesses, so if you do have a few cell phone repair business names in mind, do share them in the comments below.


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