10 Killer Tips To Be Successful In Cell Phone Repair Business

cell phone repair business

You are working hard on your existing cell phone repair business or have just started a new one. You are trying very hard to offer the best service and trying to outsmart your competitors. But still you are not able to get an upper hand in this competitive segment. Do you want to know how you can outsmart others to be successful and reach the top rung of the ladder? Read further to know how to outsmart others and get the tag of top service provider in the category.


Today I am going to share with you some important tips to be successful in the cell phone repair business. Following these tips sincerely is bound to make you reach the top and also give you a sense of self satisfaction for the work you are carrying about.


10 Sure Shot Tips To Be Successful In Cell Phone Repair Business


1. Location

Location is among the most important aspect for a business to be successful. It is one of the most important factors that will decide how successful your business can be. Location of your service center should be in such a manner that it is easily accessible to both residential and office going people. If you are to offer pick and drop facility then you may not need a nearby location to your old and trusting clientele, but you very much require a good location for attracting new customers.


2. Skilled Technicians

Getting skilled and experienced technicians is a very difficult task for people in this business. There is rampant ‘job hopping’ trend among junior technicians which sometimes leads to a huge burden on the owner/s running the cell phone repair business at regular intervals.

It is therefore necessary to always have some extra technicians at hand to avoid going into such crises. There ought to be a balanced ratio of senior and junior technicians. It is also important to groom juniors faster so that they are ready to handle tough and complicated jobs as well.

You can join Prizm Institute’s cell phone repair training to be a technician yourself.


3. Spare Parts

Availability of spare parts at hand is the most important thing in cell phone repair business. You will be able to provide quick service only if spares are at hand. If parts are not available, you will not be able to fix them. Sometimes, repair gets delayed due to delay in getting the compatible spare parts. Hence, if you want to grow, make sure you find out all the reliable sources of spare dealers and vendors in your locality. It is also important to stock the replacement parts in optimum quantity. If you stock more, you will lose in the long-term as prices of spares drop frequently.


There are numerous websites where you can order spares





4. Quick Service

As cell phones today are being indispensible, everyone wants them to be fixed in the shortest time possible. No one is willing to wait longer. With all the crucial data inside, it also becomes difficult to substitute a temporary phone or tablet. Hence if you want to grow and also earn a good reputation, you will have to be very shrewd at this point.

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5. Automation

If you want yours to be a professional businesss, automation of the entire process is necessary. There are various exclusive softwares available exclusively for cell phone repair businesses which cover stocks of spares, repair status, profits/loses, inventory, etc. While some of them also have the option to send automated text messages to clients informing the progress status of the handset given in for repairs.

The best paid software for cell phone repair businesses are:

RepairShopr – They have many pricing options starting from free to $299 per month.

RepairQ – They have a minimum plan of $49 a month


I haven’t come across any other software which is totally free. If you know, please let me know so that I can add it in this article.


6. Estimation

It is better to quote repair charges below your competitor’s estimation. Along with good quality spares, it is a challenge to keep prices lower than others to gain a good reputation as well as clientele.


On the other hand, you should also know that you just cannot offer excellent service at a throughaway price. So you have to decide the pricing according to your clientele as well.


7. Advanced Level Repairs

If you repair a smartphone or a tablet that could not be fixed by any of your competitor’s service center, you will get lots of brownie points. Such type of news spreads like wild fire which will be directly beneficial for you and your business. People adore places where their problems get truly solved.


In many cases, clients are willing to dole out a handsome sum due to obsession with that particular handset. They hate to shift to a different handset. Consider this to be a challenge to fix the device in such cases.


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8. Promotion and Advertising

No matter how quick and efficient your service is, you will not get customers until you promote your business. It is important to study your competitors’ strategies and outsmart them in marketing techniques.

There are many ways of promotion you can use.

  • Offline promotion:

Use flyers, posters, newspaper ads, etc. Always review which sources of advertisements are more effective and use them frequently.

  • Online promotion:

Promote your business in Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Craigslist, Manta, etc. Submit your business to other local directories and post ads in classified websites.


9. Outstanding Facilities

Some facilities have to be given to customers which other competitors seldom offer. Customers should have a reason to select you among other competitors. One way is to offer pick and drop facility with compatible charges so as to save precious time of your valued customer. You should continuously think of new ideas to wow your customers. You can send them some very useful tips about cell phones through text messages or email every 3 months to remain in their memory and remind them about your business.

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10. Customer Satisfaction & Feedback

Asking feedback from customers will let you know how the customer has rated your service. It is important to know what the customer feels so as to help you improve further. After all, it is s/he who should get value for money and also be satisfied.

The best and the most powerful form of marketing and promotion is by word of mouth. Nothing can beat it. Hence, it is very important to keep your customers satisfied to a great extent for an ever growing clientele.


Additional Idea! There should be occasional discount offers and freebies all throughout the year. These offers should be cleverly and carefully planned to bring excitement as well as anticipation among the customers.


One More! If you wish to grow more, you need to expand to multiple locations. You can also franchise your business. But try to be steady while you are expanding. The quality of service should not downslide at any cost.


Avoid getting into arguments with customers even if they are rude. Always remember: ‘customer is king’. Treat a king like a king until he is a king!


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Is Anything Left Out?

I would like to know if any important tip or idea is left out. I know there are many more ideas to outsmart your competitors. Please let me know in the comments section below. If many ideas come forward, I will have to write a part 2 of this article!