How to Make More Profit in Mobile Repairing Business?

mobile repairing business

Do you wish to start a mobile repairing business? The mobile phone repair industry is growing by leaps & bounds all over the world. Due to the ever increasing number of smartphones, there is also a huge need for mobile phone repairing services. As these smartphones are quite prone to damage in both software & hardware, there is a high demand for the mobile repairing service providers.


Therefore, if you are looking forward to start a mobile repairing business of your own, then you can be quite successful at it too if you follow some well-thought strategies.


Mobile Phone Repair Business Overview

Your mobile repairing business can be a highly profitable business venture if its run in a professional way. The best thing is that you can start this business with a very small investment and with little experience into the same. Owing to the fact that the profit margins are very high, you can have a greater chance of making substantial profits out of this business.

There are different ways of starting your mobile phone repairing business.


The most popular business models in the mobile repairing business are:


  • Storefront Business: Setting up a shop or service center is considered to be one of the best ways of starting your mobile repairing business. Though it sounds profitable, it involves certain investment to open up a shop for running your business. You can place more trust in your customer’s minds through this model of business.


Having a storefront of your own allows you to keep all the necessary inventory at one place. It also allows you to build up a repairing team such that your store can handle multiple requests at a time. This enhances the chances of higher profits.


  • Work from home model: The work from home type of repair business is a great option for those who have low capital. You may also be required to reach customers at their doorstep to offer them your services. This business model is great for developing stronger customer relationships and serves amazing for high-end customer referrals. The only downside of this business model is that you will not get as much business as a storefront business. This might lead in the generation of lower profit margins.


Still, this model allows you to have a better control and you are able to deliver high performance. You also do not have the burden of paying the rent of the shop. Moreover, you are at your own will to manage the mobile business as per your convenience and schedule.


Select the business model that suits you the most. Once you have decided to go on with a certain business model for yourself, it is imperative to run your business in a progressive manner.


Important Tips to Make More Profit in Mobile Repairing Business


If you wish to be successful in mobile phone repairing business, then there are certain key points of consideration. These tips will help you achieve utmost success in your business. Here are some:


  • Chose a good name: The name of your mobile repairing shop or service center plays a vital role in determining the overall success of your business. You can create an everlasting impression on the customers by choosing a catchy, yet simple name for your shop. Make it such that the name of your mobile shop is memorable and trustworthy. When the customers are well aware of your shop by its name, it can also become a word-of-mouth marketing strategy for your overall business.


  • Decide the location: Location plays a vital role when it comes to your mobile phone repairing business. If you have set up a physical store, then it is imperative for you to consider the location of your store wisely. The exact location of your service center will determine the inflow of customers who might be looking forward to get their cell phones repaired.


You must set the location of your mobile phone repairing service center at such a place that it is easily accessible to both commercial as well as residential areas.


In many cities and towns in India, this business has become very common and very competitive. So you have to avoid such places. While in many areas, mobile repairing business is very good and profitable. If you chose a proper location, you can earn handsomely.


  • Advertising & marketing: Any business needs some level of promotion or advertisement of the particular products & services. The same applies to the cell phone repair business. You can adopt different strategies of effective promotions and advertisements that make customers aware of your business. There are many good publicity ideas for your mobile phone repair business which can give very positive results. You can use both offline as well as online modes of advertisement & marketing. For the offline marketing, try using flyers, posters, newspaper ads, and so more to promote your services.


mobile repairing business profit


For any business to succeed, marketing is a must. You have to choose those forms of advertising which are not very expensive yet are more effective in India and give good results. How about giving a free accessory like tempered glass or a back cover to every customer for the first week or month when you start the shop.


Always keep in mind that to bring business, your shop should attract lots of crowds and look like a junction for that niche. Don’t hesitate to spend money to provide freebies to attract lots of customers in the beginning. Use of standee or blackboard outside the shop with offers written on it is also a very good option.


You can also use the medium of the Internet to advertise your high-end services. Marketing of any kind of your specialized services can be highly profitable for your business.


  • Expert technicians: Now that you have set up your store or business center, it is important that you have expert and professional technicians. It is a plus point if you yourself know how to repair handsets so that you can manage the repairs department more efficiently. The technicians must be adept in handling all cases of software as well as hardware that arise in all types of smartphones and tablets.


The presence of properly skilled employees can play a significant role in determining the success of your business. This would call for the recruitment of some specialized repairing engineer in your service center. Though you might need a bit of extra investment, this will prove worthwhile for your business in the long run.


  • Excellent and quick services: As smartphones have become an indispensable part of the human life, it is hard for people to remain away from their phones for too long. As such, you must ensure the quick service and delivery of devices of the customers. This will build their trust in your services. Thus, they will always look forward to your mobile repairing services whenever the need arises. You should also ensure that you do mobile software like flashing and unlocking unlike many others that do not offer these services.


If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.


You can attract more customers by offering some unique customer services. These might include pick & drop facility, additional bonuses & offers, and much more. Always think of innovative ideas to retain your loyal customers and attract new ones through your top-notch cell phone repairing services. When you do so, the customers might promote your business through word-of-mouth which is considered to be the strongest marketing strategy for any business.


Whenever you take up any repairs related task, it is important to assure your customers the fastest delivery of your services. If you wish to earn a good reputation for your company, then you have to be really fast in delivering your specialized services.


  • Advanced level repairs: There are a very few mobile service centers and shops out there that offer advanced-level repairs. As such, if you wish to stand out from the rest, then you can offer highly specialized & advanced mobile phone repair services. If your shop or service center is able to repair devices which could not be repaired anywhere else, then you definitely earn bonus points.


Try to attract your target customers by offering some advanced repairing services which only a few are offering.


  • Competitive pricing: The pricing structure of your mobile repairing services plays a major role in determining its success. You must aim at keeping the overall pricing of your services quite low in the beginning. Once you have built up a good level of trust and reputation for yourself, the customers will even be willing to pay you extra for your professional services.


Moreover, while you are on the move of taking your business to some another level, you can also attract the potential customers by offering some lucrative freebies & offers that can be included in your marketing strategy. Customers love it when they receive some discounts & offers on the services offered to them. This will serve as a booster to your business as a whole.


  • Keep a watch on competitors: To be successful in any business, it is imperative to keep a watch on the competitors. The same applies to mobile repairing business. You must be aware of your potential competitors and what they are serving to their customers. You must aim at not falling back in any terms when it comes to offering specialized services. By analyzing their business strategies, you can improvise your business strategy outsmart them.


  • Services: When it comes to mobile repairing business in India, there are more services that can be offered by you. Some of these include mobile repairs, selling of accessories, selling of SIM cards & mobile recharges, selling new smartphones, selling second-hand phones, downloading services like downloading of games, apps and much more. When you offer these specialized services, there are higher chances of earning greater profits as more customers will be attracted to your store.


  • Additional Services: In addition to offering mobile repairing services, you can also offer some extra services related to this niche. The provision of some add-on services like Xerox (photocopy), instant money transfer, ticket bookings, etc. could help you earn extra profits. There are several mobile repairing stores out there that provide these additional services to attract more customers and boost their profit margins.


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Mobile phone repairing business can be highly lucrative when done in the right manner. You can take help from these useful tips to grow your mobile repairing business to a great extent. Offer specialized services to your customers and win their hearts. Good Luck!