4 Myths You Need To Know About Your Smartphone Battery

smartphone battery myths

Since the advent of mobile phones, there is a constant question going in the users mind on how to make your battery last for a longer time or some hearsay like the battery sometimes explodes or constant charging reduces the life of the battery and so on.
We wish to inform you the facts of what some rumors have been embedded in the mind of the smartphone users. We just hope that after you learn about the facts, you clear yourself of the rumors that may be sailing through your mind.


Myth 1

While charging your phone, do not leave it partly charged but make sure that you charge it till the indicator states as ‘battery full’.

Fact: It absolutely does not matter how much and how long you charge your battery. If you leave it partly charged, you will be able to use it for lesser time than what the manufacturer has specified. The battery will be least affected by this sort of action. Technical information states that for every battery there is a life span. The life span of a rechargeable battery is calculated in charge cycles. When you plug in your charger to charge your battery it is counted as 1 cycle. The average lifespan of any rechargeable battery ranges anywhere from 500 to 1500 cycles. You should also consider reading how to boost your smartphone’s battery life. It is recommended that you try to charge it as long as you can to avail a longer time of usage.

Information: We would like share with you that in the beginning we were using Nickel-cadmium batteries and presently due to advancement in technology we have started using Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer batteries, the latter being more efficient and the best for a smartphone.


Myth 2

It is unsafe to let your smartphone charge for a long charge cycle and also that you should not leave it overnight to charge with charger plugged in.

Fact: Although studies suggest that it reduces the life of a battery, most people cannot think of a better time than overnight to charge the phone. Even if you leave the charger overnight or charge your phone for a long charge cycle, by no means will your battery blow up or will get damaged. On the contrary you will be juicing your battery with more power capacitance so you will surely be able to use your device for a longer period of time. Scientists have reaserched a lot on why rechargeble batteries go bad.

Information: After the battery gets fully charged, the charging gets cut off and hence you see the message on the screen that the battery is fully charged, please unplug the charger. So there are no chances of battery getting damaged due to overnight charging.

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Myth 3

You should use only those chargers supplied by the manufacturers or you should always buy original manufacturers chargers if the one supplied by the manufacturer along with your handset fails.

Fact: This particular myth is just floated by the respective manufacturers so as to boost up their sales as well as profit. Everybody as of today knows as to how tough the competition is in this depressing economy and how hard it is to survive in today’s world, so the manufacturers have passed this on to the masses and obsessed their mindto buy only original chargers. By using a compatible and good quality charger you will not only have to pay less but you will definitely get the same results.

Information: Check the specs of your manufacturer’s supplied charger, which you will find mentioned on the charger itself or in the manual that came along with your handset. And when you find the appropriate one which can also be with a tolerance of ±5%, use it and you will get the same positive results. The values you need to check are input voltage, output voltage, and ampere value.


Myth 4

There are apps that improve your phone’s battery performance by freeing the memory and shutting down apps that drain the battery.

Fact: You can either use these power saving apps or manually do it yourself. You need to ensure that all unnecessary apps, notifications and services are turned off. Ensure that the brightness is not very high.

Information: Rather than using these battery saving apps, you can manually check and shut down apps that you do not need. Always turn off services which you are not using. Ensure that you turn off notifications which you do not read or need. You can also use the power saving mode option which is provided by most phones in settings.


Please let us know if you know of other myths that are prevalent about cell phone batteries.