How To Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

smartphone battery

Where smartphones are concerned, the average time spent by the user on these handsets can be anywhere between 1 hour to 5 hours per day. One can imagine the amount of power consumed by these phones and tablets. If the battery provided by the manufacturer is not draining, well and good but if it is draining faster, it is a matter of concern. Here we are offering you some very useful tips on how to save power and also boost the life of your battery irrespective of high or low capacitance.

Listed Below Are Ways To Boost Your Smartphone’s Battery Life


#1 Switch off startup apps

When you power on the handset, there are certain apps provided by the OS and some apps that were installed by you that get on at startup itself. It would help you to a great degree if you turn off all startup apps not are not necessary. This will not only ensure less power usage but also help start the handset in less time.


#2 Decrease Screen Brightness

More brightness consumes a lot of power. So if you lower the brightness of your display screen you will save a lot.

screen brightness

#3 Turn Off the vibration mode

It is not at all necessary to keep vibrating alert in all profiles. It would suffice if you keep it on in just silent profile. Vibration in the handset is created by a motor and motors tend to consume extra power to rotate. So it would be wise enough to turn off the vibration alert to save on battery.


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#4 Low power mode

Both iOS and Android have an option of low power mode in the settings menu. Make sure to select this option for extending your battery charge and battery life.

low power mode

#5 Turn off Data, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth

Keep Data, WiFi, GPS off when not required. Switch on Bluetooth only when you are using Bluetooth devices such as headphones or speakers.


#6 Use Airplane mode

When the phone is powered on, the antenna in the phone searches for network signal, WiFI, 3G, 4G etc. This results in a good consumption of battery power. This is where airplane mode comes in. Whenever you do not like to be disturbed while watching a movie or listening to songs it would be far more appropriate, if you put your phone in airplane mode and use it just like a PDA.


There’s been a lot of progress in smartphones, but why can’t we have more powerful batteries? Researchers and scientists need to work harder on this front.


#7 Do not overcharge

You should have an inkling about the time required to fully charge your handset. Keeping your charger plugged in even after the battery is fully charged will puff up your battery in due course and thus shorten the lifespan of your cell phone battery. So if your phone is completely charged, always detach the charger.



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You should also know how to avoid spending too much time on your smartphone.


#8 Use a power bank

This should not have been mentioned in here because we are sharing on how to save power and make your battery last longer. We just like to inform you that if at all you run out of battery power and were in the middle of something then it is a good decision to have a power bank at hand and carry on your work without any interruption.


I am sure there are many more ways to increase battery life. Please let us know if we have left something or you have any more sugesstions in the comments below.