10 Useful Things To Do During Corona Virus Lockdown

10 Useful Things To Do During Corona Virus Lockdown

During this Corona Virus lockdown period, most people among us are simply wasting our precious time in watching TV and surfing YouTube and other social media apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Instead of wasting our valuable time in all unproductive activities, what other good activities can we do that can be productive and beneficial for us?

Before the lockdown, most of us had many important things which were being kept pending due to our busy schedules and lack of free time. This is also a very good opportunity to complete all those tasks if they can be done at home during this free time.

Lets compile a list of all important and productive things we can do during this period and get the best out of it.

10 Useful Things We Can To Do To Utilize Our Time During Corona Virus Lockdown


1. Set proper sleeping and waking-up hours

The first and the most important thing to keep ourselves from going astray is to set proper sleeping and waking up hours. In such free times, its very common to remain awake till late night and then wake up very late.

Improper sleeping and waking up hours disturbs the entire schedule and makes us feel sleepy and uninterested due to lack of proper sleep all throughout the day. One should be very precise and devout when it comes to sleeping and waking up early.

2. Exercise & Meditate

Regular exercises and a little meditation helps us to be fit and increase concentration. We should always make it a daily routine to do all activities that are necessary for physical health and fitness.

3.  Read books

Reading is a very good habit which everyone should inculcate. Reading books and online resources helps us in increasing and updating our knowledge.

There is no friend as loyal as a book. quote

We should make sure we have a good stock of useful books for achieving various goals like increasing knowledge, gaining motivation and improving our thinking and analytical skills.

In addition to countless benefits of book reading, book reading helps us to learn a lot of new things from experts and change our mindset accordingly.

4. Play indoor games

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy!  A little bit of fun and entertainment is necessary for everyone including the serious types of people.

Other than various computer and mobile games, you can opt for some famous offline games like chess, carrom board, Ludo, ‘x and zero’, etc

Life is more fun If you play games quote

5. Learn cooking

How about learning to cook. If you always wished to learn cooking but did not get time, then this is the best time to learn cooking.

Your spouse can surely help you learn to cook the easiest recipes as a beginner and then gradually you can learn the more difficult ones.

6. Learn new skills

With no pressure and stress of work and office related tasks, this is a good opportunity to learn new skills. There are various skills and languages which you can learn online through YouTube or online courses on Udemy and Coursera. You can also search for free online courses if you do not want to spend.

I have learned that i have a lot to learn quote

7. Clean your home

There must have been various occasions where you would have complained about a particular arrangement being improper or a particular section of your home not being cleaned properly. This is the perfect time to set all those things properly and see to it that everything is set flawlessly.

You should arrange all your stuff properly and try to make everything more organized and systematic. You can also collect all your old unwanted tech gadgets and put it to some use.

You should also organize your computer as well as smartphone in a better way by deleting all the junk data and organize and group all the files properly.

8. Fulfill your old hobbies

Everyone had hobbies as a kid which were not continued or remained unfulfilled due to stress of work. You can utilize this free time to get involved in all those little hobbies and activities through which you get enjoyment and satisfaction.

old hobbies

9. Call your long-lost relatives and friends

After devoting quality time with your family and kids, it is time to call and inquire about the well-being of all your old friends and distant relatives with whom you were not in touch for a long time.

I am sure everyone has a lot of friends and previous colleagues with whom he has not chatted for a year or longer. So its time to check all your contacts and start calling them.

10. Limit social media

All of the above mentioned productive activities can only be achieved if we have enough free time.  If we review the time we are wasting daily on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many other social media apps collectively, then we will surely come to a conclusion that a large part of it was completely useless and a waste of time.

Social media usage has increased to such an extent today that we ourselves do not come to know that we are actually addicted and more than half of the activities are unwanted.

We have to do a comprehensive analysis of all our social media activities and make a plan about how much time we should limit our social media usage to.  Here we need to segregate all those activities that are unwanted and need to be totally avoided.

We can also take assistance of various apps that help us limit social media usage and avoid wasting our precious time in unproductive activities.



The corona virus quarantine and lockdown period is a once in a lifetime opportunity to utilize for those who are not working from home.  This is the best time to get involved in learning new skills and spending quality time with your family and kids.

Please  share your experience and let us know your views in the comments below.