5 Best Part-Time Technical Courses in Mumbai

part-time technical courses in mumbai

As a student, it always pays off to learn more technical skills than others. You can use these skills to pave a path for your future careers or you can also choose to make some money while you’re in college to pay for extra expenses. Of course, as a student, you can’t get too much free time. That is why part time technical courses are the best options.


You can also make a career in the respective field after completing the training. These courses can also further your knowledge if you are in a related field.


We have prepared a list of the 5 best part-time technical courses in Mumbai that would help you as a student.


The 5 Best Part-Time Technical Courses in Mumbai


1. Mobile Repairing Course

As a student, this is probably the most useful skill that you can learn. Students tend to be careless with their phones and may end up breaking some components or corrupting the software every now and then.


mobile hardwrae repairing course in mumbai


If you know how to repair your own phone, you won’t have to pay thousands of bucks to repair your phone or get a new one. Moreover, you can customize your mobile phone to a great extent too! You could also choose to help your family and friends by repairing their phones as well.


This course can also prove to be a backup plan if you want. Since the number of smartphones is increasing every day, they eventually need to be repaired when they get faults. When this happens, you have the opportunity to get a job as well. By learning both the hardware and the software repair part of mobile repairing, you could choose to work as a technician or even open your own mobile service center.


Prizm Institute offers a comprehensive mobile hardware and software repairing course in Mumbai covering both technical and managerial aspects of it.


2. Data Recovery Course

The world is slowly moving into a digital age. What was once stored in file cabinets is now being stored on hard drives or even online servers. Everything from unimportant photos to important legal documents is now stored in the form of digital data. That is why it is so important to protect the data.


data recovery course


Sometimes, through accidents or through other illegal activities, this data is lost. Hence, the field of data recovery is going to start offering many jobs in the near future.


After learning this skill properly, you could use it in your day to day life to help yourself or your friends. HDRC offers a detailed course of data recovery.


3. Ethical Hacking

If you are already studying software engineering, then this course is perfect for you. Hacking is accessing someone else’s data without asking them for permission. It is usually considered to be a criminal offense depending on what you do with the information. However, as an ethical hacker, you get to help the authorities prevent attacks or even catch criminals.


ethical hacking course


Another option is to work in the cyber security field of many companies, testing out their own software for vulnerabilities. As an ethical hacker, you get to help people, rather than deprive or deceive them.


Taking part in this course also helps you sharpen your coding skills that might help you in college as well. Moreover, it will help you during your placements in the campus. Pristine InfoSolutions offers a great course for whoever wants to learn Ethical hacking.


4. Laptop Repairing Course

Like mobile phones, learning to repair laptops is extremely beneficial to students. If you are a student, you know how frequently you need to use the laptop for assignments or projects. More importantly, you know how often these laptops need to be repaired due to the rough use.


laptop repairing course


Once you learn chip-level laptop repair, you will be able to repair these laptops all by yourself if you have the right tools and spare parts at hand. If you want, you could also run a small home-based business and make money by repairing your friends’ laptops.


Learning laptop repair will also help you understand the working of a computer better that will ultimately help you with your academics as well if you are in the computer science branch. Or, you can continue with the laptop repair business that you started and continue into opening your own laptop repair center in the city.


If you aren’t confident in your management skills, you could choose to become a technician as well. Prizm institute and many other training institutes offer chip-level laptop repairing training in Mumbai.


5. Computer Hardware and Networking

If you are interested more in the hardware part of a computer or connecting multiple computers together, then this course will help you more. It will teach you all about how the hardware connects together and how you can replace parts with ease.


computer hardware and networking course


It also teaches you the use of devices like routers, switches and modems that connect multiple devices together. As a student, you can make use of this information to repair computers, boost Wi-Fi signal to your room or even build your own PC by assembling different parts.


From a business perspective, you can expand your operations to hardware repairs or even try fixing networking problems that people, and businesses often face. Otherwise, you could just simply join a company that does the same. Another option is to learn a bit more about the field (especially if you are an engineer) and research on new hardware parts that can be implemented in computers or in networking devices. Prizm Institute also offers a course in computer hardware and networking.


Make your decision


As you can see, all these courses are beneficial to you in one way or the other. You can either choose to enroll in them because you want better grades, a better resume, a better income, to learn a new skill or even as a hobby.


Other than the above mentioned courses, there are many other technical courses offered at various technical institutes all over Mumbai. You can visit some of the top technical institutes and inquire about the various courses offered by each of them.


These courses will benefit students and employees alike. All you need to do is find out which one of these courses is a perfect fit for you. If you choose to participate in more than one of these courses, then you definitely have a bright career right in front of you.


So, what are you waiting for? Choose the course that best suits your needs

and enroll in one of them now!