8 Manners And Etiquettes Of Using Cell Phones

cell phone ettiquettes

While enjoying the benefits of mobile telecommunications we should also follow the manners and etiquettes of using our cell phone in a sensible and a responsible way.


A mobile phone has become a crucial part of life of almost every person on this planet. The user himself knows how important and essential this gadget is to him. It is a privilege to be using it but if it causes disturbance to others then it is abuse. Listed below are a few do’s and don’ts which if followed will not be a nuisance to others.

The important etiquettes of using cell phones

1.  If you receive a call in a crowded hall or room, it will be better if you leave the hall during the call

If you have to answer to an urgent call it is best that you exit the hall or room and go to a place where you can talk freely without disturbing the people around you. You may also utilize the text messaging or vibration alert or call diversion feature to avoid being a nuisance to others.


2.  Switch off your phone or better keep it on silent mode during meetings

If you must keep your phone turned on to receive an important call then it is best that you keep it in silent or vibration mode so as not to disturb others. For many people, the ringing of a phone is the source of annoyance.


3.  Turn off your phone and recheck to confirm it is switched off

Using of mobile phone in some restricted areas is prohibited. In such areas it is also warned against using the device for texting and or sending a message, so it is in the best of interest that before you enter such venues, you turn off your cell phone and also counter check that it is switched off.


4.  Keep your conversations private and terse

All people need their personal space so a prolonged conversation in a confined space such as an elevator or in a bus or a train may prove to be a source of annoyance to others if you speak loudly on your phone. If in such situation where the commuting is short it is appropriate if you tell the caller that you may call him/her later on.


5.  Speak in a soft tone

Always make it a habit to speak softly on your cell phone. This reflects to the manners and etiquettes imbibed in you.


6.  Never Talk while Driving

While you are driving, it is not viable that you speak on your mobile phone. Since driving requires total concentration one should always avoid this practice. Furthermore there is always a chance of loss of property or life of not only yours but of others too.


7.  Switch off your phone at bedtime.

It is best that you either select silent mode or switch off your phone when you go to bed because there are chances that others might get disturbed or lose their sleep.


8.  While in a restaurant

If you are at a diner or a café or in a restaurant, while answering a call always keep it short since you may disturb other patrons or the people you have come in with may feel offended.


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