5 Tips To Avoid Spending Too Much Time On Your Cell phone

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Imagine what the world is coming to. Humans today cannot be imagined without a cell phone in hand. In fact a person without a cell phone seems like a physically challenged person (LoL). It has become near to impossible to separate a person from his device. Even while one retires to bed he takes the phone with him even if it is just to wake up with the built-in alarm.


This smartphone has not only come in as a necessity but has also become an addiction to the user. Such bad is the effect of it is that if you ever leave it behind at your home while going to your place of work, it compels you to go back and reach out for it.


If your smartphone usage is too high, then it does not seem to be a good sign. It is about time that you should also lend some free time to oneself, family and friends in person and not over the phone through some app. It is time that you break away from this clinging habit too. Time to bring back the ethics and manners that once ruled us.


Before reading the tips to avoid spending too much time on your smartphone, you should also find out whether you are really addicted to your smartphone or not?


Listed below are a few tried and tested tips which will reunite you with your loved ones and also bring back the smile on your pet child’s face. Follow these and see the world of a difference it brings in your robotic life.


Tips To Avoid Spending Too Much Time On Your Cell phone


#1 Be Time Bound

Just as an organized business executive does not bring work to his home, make it a point to always allot specific period of time to those who wish to converse with you via your mobile phone. Let them be informed that the rest of the time you will not be available for them.


This way you will not be disturbed and will be able to eat your meals peacefully with your near and dear ones. You will sure be glad to see the joy on their faces. You will be like a hero who has returned victorious from the battlefield.


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#2 Switch off your alerts and notifications

One has become so obsessive with his handset that you find them checking for alerts every now and then even if it has not buzzed. Such is the case that an alert sounding from somebody else’s phone makes you grab yours to check it out. To step out of this, it is best advised that you switch off your alerts and notifications and only check into them at a specific times pre-decided by you.


#3 Boycott social media

If you think deeper, you actually do not need to spend so much time on facebook, twitter, instagram and the likes. You can do something more productive than spending too much time on social sites and apps.


Try to restrict yourself to just Whatsapp and a minimum of other social sites. Also make it a point that you do not spend more than 15 minutes on each of them.

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#4 Avoid phone during night time

Many a people have a habit of reading a book before they turn into bed. This trend, you may also call it as a habit, has been taken over by the inseparable smartphone to such a large extent that it has lead to abuse. Its about time you break away from this habit.


If you have a mate it would be better if you discuss the day with her or fall into a romantic mood or just have a lively chat. To get into this it would be far better if you put your handset on charging and divert your mind completely of it. We have listed a few manners and etiquettes of using cell phones


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#5 Take a long Break

If you are to go on a vacation, maybe with family or with friends it would be a wise decision if you just leave your phone behind and also to be cautious just have a couple of handsets in your group in case you have to use the same in an emergency.


Remember that you have taken a vacation to get out of all the hustle and bustle, so by taking the phone along with you, you have just changed your location but are doing the same what you were doing at your home. So enjoy the scenes and the change and leave all your worries away especially the ones that come in a package along with your smartphone.


Now that when you have quit a bad habbit, ensure that you do not fall prey to it again. This is very important.


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