How to Start A Mobile Phone Repairing Business Shop In India

mobile repairing business

When mobile phones first entered the market, people replaced them with a new one as soon as a problem arose in them. Nowadays, however, people believe in getting their smartphones repaired instead of replacing them. Whether this is out of a feeling of responsibility or because the price of smartphones is comparatively higher now, we may never know.


On the plus side, this proves profitable to the cell phone repair industry. You could choose to be a mobile phone repair technician and decide to earn more profits by becoming a businessman. This post will teach you how to start your own mobile phone repairing business in India.


Steps to start your mobile repairing shop in India


1. Learn and get certified

To repair smartphones, you will first have to attain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of mobile phone repairing techniques. You will also need a proper understanding of all the internal components of a mobile phone. In order to gain the best possible knowledge about mobile repairing, a mobile repairing course is the one of the best ways for it.


There are many institutes offering a course where you can learn to repair a mobile phone in an organized way. Prizm Institute is among the best mobile repairing institutes in India where students are taught both mobile hardware and software repairing techniques in a professional way.


If managed properly, a mobile phone repair business can be quite profitable and earn you a lot of money.


You can also search for a number of verified institutions around your locality where you will be taught this skill. The training sessions cover all the major faults that might occur in a mobile phone, how you can identify them and how you can repair or replace the faulty parts.


2. Work to gain some experience

If you want to start a mobile repairing business, be it in India or anywhere else, it would be better if you go in with some experience under your belt. You can work with other mobile repairing shops or service centers to gain practical experience about how mobile repairing work is done.


By working under a senior technician, you will be able to understand how things are done in a mobile phone repair business and pick up a few tips and tricks to help you when you start your own business.


Lack of experience and knowledge can lead your new business toward failure and loss of credibility. Using your experience and the contacts you gain while working, you will be able to get spare parts and other mobile accessories at reasonable prices in the market.


3. Estimate the capital required

The cost of starting a mobile repairing business in India is quite low. At first, you can begin with a few basic spare parts of a few common models and then increase range and quantity of these parts gradually. Depending upon your choice of business model, you will need to estimate added costs.


You will need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools to repair all types of hardware and software faults to meet with the requests of your customers. You can find a number of mobile repair kits of different companies in the market. You also need capital to provide recharge services and stock accessories for sale. The investment depends totally on the number of services you are planning to provide to your customers.


4. Choose an ideal location

Location is one of the most important features for a mobile phone repair business shop or business to give fruitful results. You need a location that can attract new customers and give them easy access. Your mobile repairing service center should be located in such a place where it is easily reachable to both residential and commercial clients.


To establish a mobile phone repairing shop, choose a good location either in a suburban area or a marketable zone. A suburban or residential area is recommended because if your work is precise and respectable then you can add your customer’s family and friends to your customer base. A good service is always going to win you an ever-growing customer base.


5. Obtain required licenses

You should acquire all the licenses and permits that are necessary to run a mobile repairing business in India. These are controlled by the city and state level authorities. Even if you do not repair the mobile phones yourself, but repair it with the help of another party, it will require a license.


Get in contact with the authorities to know more about how to obtain these permits. Every state and/or city in India has a different law which needs you to obtain a certificate and license from the local Municipal authorities, Gram Panchayats or Tehsils to start your own business.


6. Employ an expert technician

When starting a business, it is better to work alone, since you will not have much work. However, once your business is established and you start to get a lot of work, you can hire an expert technician to help you with the ever-increasing demand of your services. This will also help increase the productivity of your business.


7. Keep the best, let go of the worst

Just starting a business is not enough. You need to keep a check on the performance of your business. You need to figure out the positive and negative aspects of your business. Evaluate if everything (or everyone) is working properly.


You need to know which sections of your business are earning you profits and which sections are holding you back and then make changes accordingly. You will have to put in extra efforts in the initial phase of your business to make sure that your business has a steady and a successful start.


8. Promote and advertise your business

It does not matter how swift and competent your services are, if you do not have any customers, then what is point of even offering a service? To get a customer base, you need to advertise your mobile phone repair business to let others know about your services. It is imperative to examine your rivals’ tactics and outwit them with marketing practices.


There are various offline and online marketing methods you can use to achieve this. For example, posters, hand bills, etc. are good ways to promote your business through offline methods. For online methods, you can use popular platforms like Google, Facebook, or Yellow Pages like JustDial and UebanClap to let people know about your mobile repairing service center.


To make more profit in mobile repairing business and be successful, you will need to be aggressive and at the same time have lots of patience.


During the initial stages, your business might run into losses, but you will need to remember that you cannot achieve success overnight. You will have to do lots of hard work before your business starts showing the results you want


You Can Offer the Following Additional Services in Your Mobile Shop

1. Sell Mobile Accessories

People need mobile phone accessorises to enhance the appearance, increase the security, and improve the functionality of their mobiles. You can offer different types of mobile accessories based on type or brands. You can offer accessories like batteries, chargers, earphones, back cover, cases, power banks, USB cables, etc.  You can visit the nearest mobile spare parts and accessories wholesale market in your city and start selling them and earn handsome profits.


2. Offer Mobile Recharge and SIM cards

The number of mobile phone users and service companies are growing day by day. By offering mobile recharge services and selling SIM cards, you can increase your customer base.


3. Sale of new mobile phones

By selling new mobiles, you are also increasing your customer base. If your customers who buy phones from you ever need mobile repairing services, there are high chances that they will come to you to get their handsets repaired.


4. Sale of second hand/used/refurbished phones

Many people who can’t afford the latest versions of their favourite phones or tablets, usually buy used or second-hand models of these versions. Selling used phones will also bring more customers to your doors.

You should also read our guide on how to buy second hand mobile phones.


5. Downloading facilities

Several people are not aware about latest technologies and apps. You can expand your services by downloading apps, games, and other stuff on their phones using APKs or other resources.


Offering these services will lead to a considerable increase in sales and revenue. Moreover, it ensures that people passing by your shop have more than one reason to stop by.


Your Turn

If managed accurately, a mobile phone repair business can be quite profitable and earn you a lot of money. However, it is important to provide good quality spare parts and service to turn it into a reputable venture. To improve further you can ask for customers’ feedback. It will allow you to know how your customers feel about your products and services. That way, you can make plans according to what kinds of improvements are needed in your products or services. You can also offer special discounts or gifts on various occasions throughout the year.


If you have any questions on how to start a cell phone repair business, feel free to ask them in the comments below.