Mobile Repairing Markets in Mumbai for Wholesale Spare Parts and Accessories

mobile repairing wholesale markets in Mumbai for spare parts, accessories and tools

Every mobile shop owner and technician living in Mumbai and other places of Maharashtra should know the wholesale markets in Mumbai where they can buy all the accessories, spare parts and other mobile phone related items and goods at wholesale prices.


Every big city and town in India has a wholesale market where spare parts and accessories shops sell them at wholesale prices. Some of the most famous markets in India are Gaffar market in Delhi, Manish market in Mumbai and Jagdish market in Hyderabad.


The markets we are describing below are also frequented by retail customers who visit these places to buy fancy accessories. Most of the shops in wholesale markets described below sell their goods to both retail and wholesale customers.


This is a comprehensive guide for mobile shop owners and technicians wanting to know about mobile phone wholesale markets in Mumbai. This list has been prepared by Prizm Institute – the training institute that conducts the best mobile repairing course in Mumbai. At Prizm Institute, we also provide guidance to all our students on how to start their own mobile repairing shop or business.


Goods and services available in these mobile wholesale markets:


  • Mobile phone accessories like chargers, headphones, tempered glass, covers, memory cards, etc.
  • Spare parts like LCDs, charging connectors, speakers, mic, etc.
  • Repairing services
  • Flashing and unlocking services


The major mobile wholesale markets in Mumbai are:

1. Orchid City Centre

Orchid City Centre also known as City Centre is the biggest wholesale market in Mumbai for mobile phone accessories and spares. This mall was a retail shopping center for food and clothing earlier but was recently converted to wholesale market for mobile phone accessories and spare parts.


orchid city centre mall in Mumbai


There are more than 1200 small shops of around 80 to 100 square feet in this 3 floor mall.  The shops on the second floor are mostly wholesalers.


Here you will get spare parts of all major phone brands and models from iPhone to Chinese phones. Every shop sells a particular accessory or a few accessories. So you will find different shops selling merchandise like earphones, batteries, LCDs, tempered glass, back covers, tools, etc.


There are a couple of mobile repairing shops as well which provide repairing services to customers who want their handsets repaired quickly.



City Centre

Bellasis Road, Mumbai Central,

Opposite Sahil Hotel & BEST Depot

Mumbai – 400008


Nearest Railway Station:

For Western Railway: 5-7 minutes walking distance from Mumbai Central Station

For Central Railway: Byculla (You will have to take a taxi or a bus from Byculla)

Parking available in basement at Rupees 20 for 2 hours.

It is closed on Sundays.


2. Sahara Market

This is one of the oldest market in Mumbai for mobile spare parts and accessories. Located in south Mumbai on Mohammed Ali Road near CST Station, it has around 500 small shops selling accessories, spare parts and tools. Located opposite Manish Market, it is always crowded with lots of shoppers who are mostly mobile shop owners and technicians.


Sahar market in Mumbai for wholesale mobile accessories and spare parts.


It gets customers from all parts of Maharashtra and India who visit here for wholesale purchase of accessories and other mobile phone related goods. Sahara market also has many shops of mobile repairers who fix all types of smartphones and tablets on the spot with very low repair charges.


Sahara Market along with Manish market were the lone mobile phone markets in Mumbai before the famous fire of November 2011 in which all the shops of both Sahara and Manish markets were gutted and hence remained closed for almost a year giving rise to City Centre Mall.


Behind Sahara market is Musafir Khana, which is famous for wholesale shops of Chinese toys, China electronic items and many other wonderful  goods which is worth visiting.



Sahara Market

Opposite Manish Market, Musafir Khana Road

Mumbai – 400001.


Nearest Railway Station:

For Central Railway: 10 minutes walking distance from both CST and Masjid Bunder Stations

For Western Railway: Mumbai Central

It is closed on Sundays.


3. Manish Market

 Manish market is the oldest market of Mumbai for mobile phone repairing and accessories. It is also famous for electronic goods and Chinese phones. Before mobile phones came to India, this market was famous for cheap electronic gadgets, tape recorders, televisions, cordless phones and many other appliances.


manish market mumbai


Right now, it is mostly famous for mobile repairing services and sale of unbranded Chinese phones. It is also a good market for second hand phones – both retail and wholesale. It is also a market for grey market mobiles.


Many expert and senior technicians of Mumbai have their shops in this market and provide prompt repairing services to their customers. Shetty Mobile aka Canara Telecom – the oldest mobile repairing shop in Mumbai is also located in this market.


In terms of spare parts and accessories, it is advisable to buy them from nearby Sahara market as the prices there are lower than Manish market.


Note: There is one more Manish Market in Mumbai which located in Dadar, but that Manish Market is famous for wholesale readymade garments and not for mobile phone accessories.



Manish Market

Palton Road, Near Crawford Market,

Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001


Nearest Railway Station:

For Central Railway: Equal distance from both CST and Masjid Bunder Stations

For Western Railway: Mumbai Central

It is closed on Sundays.


4. Nathani Shopping Center

The latest addition to this list – Nathani Shopping Centre is just opposite Mumbai Central Station. Its main advantage is that people coming by train do not have to walk longer as they used to reach City Centre.


It has shops selling all types of spare parts and accessories of mobile phones. As it is a new mall, only time will tell whether it will succeed or not as one more similar mall by name Aditya Shopping Arcade started in year 2012 in Grant Road had miserably flopped and failed to catch the eyes of shoppers. It is now converted into a market for computers and laptops but has still failed to succeed.


All shop owners import their goods from China from Shenzhen and Guangzhou – the two most famous cities for wholesale purchase of smartphone accessories and spare parts.


Important tips and advice to shoppers of any of the above markets:

  1. If you are visiting these markets to buy spare parts and accessories, its better to get rates at 3-4 shops before buying.
  2. There is a lot of room for bargain – so you will save a lot if you are good at bargaining. But some of the shops quote competitive prices and do not allow bargaining.
  3. If you feel any of the shopkeeper is quoting you a higher price, tell him you are also a mobile shop owner who buys accessories at more cheaper rates at other wholesale shops.
  4. As it is a wholesale market, there are 2 sets of rates – 1 for retail and the other for wholesale. So if you buy in more quantities, you will get the goods cheaper.
  5. If you feel a shop has good quality goods with good pricing – ask for their business card so that you can visit it later as well.
  6. When giving your phone for repairs – get it repaired in front of you. It is because many of the repair technicians in these markets may replace your original spare parts like motherboard or LCD with fake ones. Although some of the technicians are honest – do not trust anyone until you are sure and gain confidence.


If you want to buy mobile phone accessories online…

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Do you need any more tips or advice?

If you have any questions regarding any of the markets mentioned above or if you need any specific tip or advice regarding purchase, please let us know in the comments below.