6 Reasons Smartphones Have Replaced Computers and Laptops

why smartphones are used more than computers

“Good things come in small packages”, goes a popular adage. One glance at the pocket-friendly smartphone and you will find it hard to deny that nothing can be truer than this age-old saying! Look around you and you will notice how this portable electronic device has pervaded almost every vital aspect of our lives. Packing a wide gamut of cutting-edge features and functions into its compact body, the 21st century mobile phone has long overcome its one-time identity of an electronic gadget that was primarily used to store contacts, make and receive calls and send texts to firmly position itself as an unbelievably smart device that has successfully replaced and outdated many critical gadgets that were essential for the smooth functioning of our daily life and is fast replacing several others, including the bulky personal computers whose sales have remained stagnant or shown a downward trend ever since there has been an increase in the popularity and penetration of the versatile smartphones.


Today, one can hardly imagine a day without the support of these multipurpose phones that have made our lives unbelievably convenient by allowing us to perform a host of seemingly simple but crucial tasks with just a few swipes and taps of our fingertips. Wondering what makes these intelligent cell phones a one-stop destination for our varied needs? Here’s a brief outline of few of the key reasons that make these pint-sized devices a befitting successor to their burly predecessors.


Reasons Smartphones Have Replaced Computers and Laptops:

1. Razor-sharp Computing Power & Adequate Storage Capabilities


Since their inception, computers were much in demand for their sharp processors and robust CPUs that converted tons and tons of raw data into meaningful information within a matter of few seconds. Think of the flagship smartphones of today and you will realise that these modern day minicomputers, which are enabled with beefier batteries, are equally adept in handling huge volumes of data owing to their superior processing powers that are comparable to that of a mid-range desktop computer. With internal storages hovering between 16 GB and 128 GB for majority of the smartphones available in the market along with the provision to further amp up the storage capability with an external memory card, your computer need not be summoned anymore to archive your treasured photos & videos and confidential office files.


The day is not far when the omnipresent smartphones will eventually become the only computer that we ever know!


2. Round-the-clock Accessibility to the Internet and Important Applications

The highly portable cell phones have made it possible for us to calculate and compute, respond to emails, take notes and create graphs & presentations on the go without having to rely upon our desktops or laptops to execute these basic functions that were once their leading attributes. With all-time access to the entire suite of Microsoft Office, 24*7 availability of the internet via Wi-Fi and mobile data networks and improved network speeds, you can literally access your important business emails on your lightweight phone even in the wee hours of the morning or while chilling out in one of the remotest corners of the earth!


3. The World Brought to Your Fingertips with Mobile Apps

The advent of the ‘access on-demand’ mobile apps have truly catapulted the humble cell phones into an extraordinary league of their own and have mercilessly shattered the dominance of many household gadgets that were once considered non-negotiable for their life-saving functions. It is a known fact that consumers these days are spending a significant portion of their digital time on their mobile devices and 80% of that time is utilized in browsing mobile apps.


Take a moment to go back in time and envision the world that existed before the invention of these high-end phones and tablets. Need to check your account balance? Get your bank passbook updated. Time to pay your utility bill? Drop a cheque to the nearest branch. Looking for the best eatery in town? Reach out to your friend, look up the newspaper adverts or search the net on your computer. Festive season round the corner and your wardrobe needs a serious upgrade?


Jostle your way through the maddening crowd and spend hours haggling over the exorbitant prices of goods that are on display. Want to know what’s happening around you and across the globe? Pick up the newspaper and have an insightful read. Lost your way around and can’t discern the exact route? Call someone reliable or ask a passer-by to help you with the directions.


Think you would like to get your heart and pulse rate checked? Visit the doctor! Can’t wait any longer to capture the panoramic view in front of you? Bring out your expensive DSLR camera and go ‘click, click’. Dying for some serious entertainment? Make a dash for your gaming console or LED TV and spend hours on your 3D games or favourite blockbusters.

why smartphones have replaced computers

Now, return to the era of the 21st century and explore the transformed scenario that is nothing short of a paradigm shift. For account balance updates and transfer of funds, leverage your bank’s mobile banking application to access net banking services on your phone. Download apps like Restaurant Finder and Zomato to your smartphone and hunt for the best restaurants near you and explore places that offer the coolest food deals.


Use your iphone or any smartphone to check out a plethora of online retail stores within the comfort of your home and compare the price of your favourite outfit across multiple websites to ensure that you have bagged your chosen attire at the lowest price possible! For a quick update of the latest happenings, seek news apps like BuzzFeed that is designed to suit mobile platforms. Trust your smartphone’s Google Maps service to make use of real-time GPS navigation that tells you exactly where you are and how long it will take for you to reach your intended destination. Look no further than smartphone-friendly heart rate monitoring apps like Instant Heart Rate to provide you with an instant and accurate reading of your heart’s rate.


With mobile screens getting bigger by the day, a cinematic experience is waiting to unfold right there within the confines of your living room or bed room! Lastly, who needs those heavy-weight DSLRs when the high pixel density of your phone’s camera can do the trick for you? Not you!


With one smartphone taking care of so many diverse needs, it is not surprising that these intelligent phones have gradually made many devices, including the computers, a secondary choice for many.


4. Seamless Browsing With Responsive Designs

For a long time, the computers were firmly embedded in our lives due to the superior viewing experience that was offered by their canvas-like screens which made surfing the net and navigating through websites a highly enjoyable affair. Such activities were borderline cumbersome when performed on the relatively smaller screens of the diminutive cell phones as web pages were not flexible enough to adjust and resize themselves to the changing devices, screen sizes and resolutions.


The growth of the mobile devices and smartphones changed all that with the evolution of a responsive web design approach that ensured that even the last of whatever was remaining of the competitive edge of a computer was wiped out in an assured manner. Leveraging a clever mix of CSS-media queries, images and fluid grids and layouts that emphasize on sizing the page elements by proportion and not by pixels, responsive designs enable websites to automatically respond to a user’s preferences such that there is seemingly no difference in the clarity of the web pages when one views them on a laptop or on the display of a smartphone.


5. Information Searches Made Effortless with AI-enabled Virtual Assistants

Let’s face it. Looking up facts and figures using a real keyboard is way more hassle-free and convenient than typing your search words using the virtual keyboard of a touch phone. However, with the development of intelligent personal assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant, you can now give your petite fingers some much-needed rest and use natural voice commands to indulge in personalised interactions that allow you to ask questions and retrieve information easily using your cell phones, thereby eliminating the need to tow your chunky laptops along with you everywhere. Google has confirmed that searches on mobile devices have exceeded that on computers in most countries.


6. Price Matters!

While expensive cell phones are very much a reality today, yet the fact remains that there are many cell phone variants in the market that are available at attractive price ranges to suit every budget out there. Compare the price of an all-encompassing smartphone with that of a powerful desktop or a laptop – more often than not the latter will deplete you of your precious savings faster than you can imagine while the former will pleasantly delight you by opening up a world of possibilities at prices that are worth swooning over. Limitless usability at prices that don’t burn a hole in your pockets…can it get any better than this? We don’t think so!


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