10 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

unexpected smartphone features

Smartphones, today, have become an integral part of our life. We cannot live without them today. But even after installing different apps, we use our smartphone for the most basic uses like paying our bills or booking a cab. But, our smartphone is meant for much more.This mini-computer in your pocket can leave you speechless once you unearth its wonders.

Smartphones today perform hundreds of functions and we would have needed hundreds of devices or gadgets separately to perform these jobs. You can read our recent article on the number of gadgets we would be forced to buy if smartphones didn’t exist.

There are very good replies to a question in Quora about on how to use your smartphone effectively. You should know all the ways by which you can maximize the output of a smartphone.

So lets see what unexpected chores our smartphones can do

  1. Lock, unlock and even start your car!

For those who always lose their car keys, Viper SmartStart can replace your keys with phone. When enabled, you can lock and unlock your car without even taking the phone out of the pocket.

viper smartstart

You can start, control or locate your vehicle from virtually anywhere from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

  1. Monitor your Heart Rate

All you need to do is install an application like Instant Heart Rate, place your fingertip on the camera and in 10 seconds, you will have a detailed report right on your screen. No need to invest in those fancy products. There are numerous other apps as well to check your heart rate.

Although, the readings may not be accurate, we may get future phones with suitable hardware inserted to get accurate readings of basic health parameters.

heart rate

  1. Project an augmented reality map on the windscreen of your car

Driving can be tough, especially during the winter and rainy season due to fog. In such cases, all you need to do is install Hudway, enter your destination and put your phone on the dashboard. Your phone will project a map on your windshield and you can drive with ease.

Very Soon, businesses will boom with Augmented Reality.

  1. Turn into a handy tool

You can find many apps on Iphone app store and Android play store which can work as a spirit level and help you in aligning pictures and shelves with the utmost precision. And what’s more, is that, these apps are free to install.

handy level app

  1. Search the images in your Camera Roll

If you have an android device, with the Google Goggles app, you can search the image captured in your camera roll. It can be really helpful when finding information on a historic building, product, etc.

  1. Digitize and scan old negatives

A quick way to simply view your old negatives, you can use the camera’s negative effect or simply use applications such as Helmut Film Scanner.

digitize old negatives

  1. Measure height, distance, width using the camera lens

At times, it can be really difficult to measure things, especially if they are tall, high or far off. In case you are interested in measuring things where your measure tape fails, you can download various apps which will measure practically anything from your camera lens.

  1. Turn it into a baby monitor

There are many apps which let you monitor your baby’s sleep and watch for any movement or sound. Simply put your phone in your baby’s room and it will automatically dial a phone number on sensing any disturbance.

  1. Control your television

In uneventful scenarios where you may have misplaced your television remote, you can use various apps found in your smartphone’s play store which can help control not only your television but various other electronic devices as well.

control television

  1. Barcode Scanner

There are many apps which allow you to scan those QR codes and barcodes which are often printed in newspapers, packaged food and other products for you to find out more information about them.

barcode scanner

These were some of the unknown things you could do with todays smartphone. Learn what you should expect in future smartphones.

Your smartphone has uses beyond the basic utilities. It can help you in many ways and can also help save a lot of money. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring!

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