5 Rumors About Cell Phone Repairs That You Should Ignore


Many people nowadays fix their phones after searching the internet for solutions. Along with good working solutions there are plenty of incorrect suggestions written by novices which tend to misguide people.  Prevalent are some rumors or myths which are running through cell phone users. As rumors always tend to be rumors and not facts, it is better you read this and get to know what these rumors really are.


1.  Cell phone repair costs too much

Most people think that if they would need their cell phones to be repaired they will have to pay through their nose to get their handsets repaired. WRONG. Agreed that there do exist some black sheep in this repairing business but then there are many honest Abduls also in the same trade. Not everybody is ready to fleece their customers. Maybe you may have had some bad experience once or twice in life but you do will come across many good repair centers/technicians that are very reasonable in their repair services and charges.

Sometimes some spares are not easily available locally and these have to be shipped from outside, so what you are paying is not just for service but also for the parts which are going to be used in your handset. So perish the thought that cell phone repair is far too expensive. You can also learn to fix cell phones through Prizm Institute’s cell phone repair book.


2. If a third-party center repairs my phone, warranty will be void

If your cell phone needs to be repaired and you have still some time left in your warranty period, you have a feeling that if you give the phone to some other service center for repairs other than the company’s authorized service center, your warranty on the handset will be void.


But if your phone is water logged or the display is damaged or broken, you have already exhausted your warranty, because the warranty does not apply to the fore mentioned damages. Also if the problem is just related to software or settings and the phone can be fixed without dismantling it, then you do not lose the warranty.

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3. Your handset will never be the same after repair

This is all hearsay. This is truly a rumor. It is in fact very much possible that if your handset has broken due to you accidentally dropping it, it can easily be fixed. This is because by dropping the handset you may have broken its LCD. There are least chances that the motherboard may have got damaged. So by just changing the LCD, your handset will be as good as new.


One thing is that if your handset is old or a low sales model in your country, then there may be difficulty in getting the spares, but if you search the internet for it,  then you are bound to get it from somewhere and get it fixed.


4. Water Damaged Phones can be fixed with rice

One perception is that if your phone is waterlogged and if you bury your handset in dry uncooked rice then due to moisture absorbing property in rice, it absorbs all the moisture from the phone and the phone starts working again. This is not true. Rice does have affinity to absorb moisture as well as water but it absorbs the water that is on the outside.


What about the water that has seeped inside the phone which cannot be dried unless you use a blower or a hair dryer or you just keep the phone for a couple of days without using it. So this is just a rumor that water logged phones can be fixed by burying it in rice.

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5. Every phone can be easily repaired

Some people think that any handset can be easily repaired. They are to some extent right but not fully right because in any given man-made machine there comes a stage when it crosses the limit when it can be brought back to life. This also implies to mobile phones because there comes a stage when the handset has to be discarded because it is beyond repair or you will have to spend so much on it for repairs with which you can buy a better and new handset. You may consider this option if you are an antique lover and you can have this as a museum piece. Ha Ha Ha.

Don’t be so quick to believe what you hear because lies spread quicker than the truth!

 – Anonymous


You can also validate or debunk internet rumors and other stories of unknown or questionable origin at snopes.com


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There are many more myths and rumors prevalent among people about cell phone repair. Please let us know if there are more to add to the list in the comments below. Please also consider sharing this article among your friends.


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