10 Reasons Why The New Generation Cannot Live Without Smartphones

why the new generation cannot live without smartphones

Over the years,  smartphones have gotten larger and smarter. There has been the addition of several new applications and features which make it an irreplaceable aspect of our lives. But this effect is more prominent among people who were brought up with this multi-functional device. Then what makes it so special that the new generation cannot live without smartphones? Read on and find out.


Why The New Generation Cannot Live Without Smartphones?

1. Maps


maps feature in mobile phones


One of the most useful features of a smartphone is the navigation feature. No matter where you are stuck, your smartphone will be able to guide you to your destination or your home. Accordingly, the phone will notify you and give you instant directions to help you reach your destination in time.

Not only this, it will be able to suggest the most optimum route based on the errands you need to run and the traffic conditions at that point of time. It also selects the option which is best suitable for your mode of travel i.e walking, 2 wheeler or car.

Google and Apple by far have the best navigation apps out there. Considering that the current generation is directionally and geographically challenged, they could really do with an app that leads them down the right path at least.


2. Social Media

social media in mobile phones


The current generation thrives on social media and it is just as important to them as food, water and shelter. Striving for the social acceptance of others, social media apps let you connect with your friends and their friends as well. On the plus side, it does help you make new friends at the risk of someone cat-fishing you.

So of the most famous apps you use daily are Whatsapp, facebook, twitter, instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc. These apps have become more handy and accessible from smartphones compared to being used through computers earlier.


These social media websites allow upload through the computer as well, but god forbid you forget to update the world on what kind of bagel you are eating that day. That is why, it is important to have these apps always at hand so you can update the world whenever, wherever.


3. Camera

Social Media and Cameras are best friends who cannot live without each other. You cannot update the world with the photo of your bagel if you do not have a camera on your phone ready to snap at your command (pun intended). While some people prefer clicking pictures of people (which mostly include selfies), others prefer to try and capture the beauty in nature or everyday objects.


Depending on the type of use and person, the camera needs to vary and accordingly so do the prices of the phone. On a more serious note, it does help one capture precious moments and record amazing memories no matter where they are without having to carry a bulky DSLR camera.


4. Online Shopping

Shopping therapy is useful, there is no denying that. But with helpful applications like Amazon, Alibaba and Flipkart you can now receive this therapy anywhere in the world. You don’t even need to switch on the computer to buy something. The app makes it simpler by allowing you to instantly call and track your package.


Some websites sync up with Google Maps and help you track your package on Google Maps as well. Online shopping is more prominent among the people in this generation since they hardly have the time (or the willpower) to physically go to the shop and buy. Thus, they prefer to shop no matter where they are, right when the mood strikes.


5. Games

Playing games is another way of alleviating boredom. However, in some cases, it can also improve your reaction time and hand-eye coordination, or at least that is what I tell my mom when she criticizes me for playing them too much. With more powerful smartphones coming into the picture, the need for gaming consoles is reducing slowly.


Granted, the complexity of the game is affected by using a rather simple touchscreen, but the fun remains intact. Moreover, your smartphone is much more portable than your desktop or your console combined with the TV. They will allow you to enjoy the pre-downloaded games no matter where you are.


6. Calendar and Alarms

Smartphones are meant to help you get organized. With the help of the Calendar app, you completely render the concept of a diary obsolete. You can jot down reminders and appointments with specific details along with the location and the person you are meeting.

When it comes to alarms, you must be wondering that even a simple older phone could pull it off. However, smartphones have taken the technique of waking someone up to the next level. Upon ringing of the alarm, your phone will present you with mathematical or other academic problems that you must solve before you can deactivate the alarm. As crazy as the idea sounds, this is truly the only way to ensure that you don’t snooze your alarm for a minute and then end up waking up the next day.


7. Office Apps

office apps for smartphones


When I say Office apps, I mean spreadsheets, presentations, and document editors – it doesn’t matter if it is from Google, Apple, Microsoft or other open source companies. The new generation likes to work on the go. They can review a presentation on their way to work while using the subway.


Here it is quite a cumbersome task to whip out your laptop and then use it while trying to maintain balance (especially if you didn’t get a seat). In another case, someone else might be trying to edit a final report just before submission while sitting in the coffee house. This is where smartphones make your life easier and let you do all this from the palm of your hands no matter where you are.


8. Internet

This is probably the most obvious point in the whole list. Either way, it is important to note that these office and shopping apps, social media, and maps would be a lot less effective if they weren’t connected to the internet. Moreover, the internet allows you to search for information. All you need is a data or Wi-Fi connection and you will be connected to the world. This can help you complete your homework without having to rummage through countless books in the library like the previous generations had to.


9. Multitasking

One of the best features of a smartphone is that you can multitask easily. Depending on the amount of RAM your phone has, you can run a number of tasks simultaneously and expect them to work smoothly.


Earlier phones allowed you to perform just one task at a time – you either play a game or make a call, you can’t choose both. But smartphones have broken this barrier allowing you to play a game while you are enjoying a chat with your mom.


A more relevant example would be where you have to copy something written in a photo to another text application. With the current generation trying to get done as much as possible in the minimum amount of time, the prospect of multitasking on their phones is quite attractive.


10. A lot more apps

If you thought that was all, then think again. Smartphones offer millions of apps each serving a certain purpose. There are countless apps on both Android and iOS app stores.

There are apps for ordering food, measuring distance, editing photos, converting units, making noises, calling the police, educating yourself and the list goes on and on. Depending on the person, the apps he or she may like can vary and thus the utility of the smartphone varies as well. Some may use it as a recipe book, while others may use it to learn a new language, the possibilities are endless.


After seeing all these features, it is quite clear why the new generation cannot live without their smartphones. The undeniable fact of matter is that smartphones increase the productivity of an average person. Thus, you will see people of this generation buying an equally good smartphone as soon as the first one is damaged, stolen or outdated.


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